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IowaHawk23 – My Quit For the Unforeseeable Future

IowaHawk23 logoThere was a time 100 days ago where I told myself I wasn’t going to dip again. I remember that moment like it was yesterday although 100 days have passed since. What drove me to quit was the fact that my mom had gotten sick, very sick, and she was the one always hounding me to quit. So I figure that I owe it to her to quit this nasty habit. She would always show me pictures of what could happen if I kept chewing. I always looked at the information and pictures that she printed off for me and always told myself that would never happen to me. Long story short I didn’t listen and my mouth and body paid for it. And for all the young ones out there, listen to your elders!Although I didn’t have any bad health issues from dipping that doesn’t mean my gums won’t be more susceptible down the road. Sometimes , especially when you get older, you have to put your health in perspective and realize that health is more important than looking cool or trying to fit in. Just because your friends smoke or chew doesn’t mean you have to.

Since I have began my quit I have saved hundreds of dollars and now have the possibility to buy a new vehicle, who woulda thought? I am very excited to be a part of the Kill the Can community in the future and would like to thank all supporters who supported me and to all my brothers of May who stood there with me along the way. Nothing is impossible, and I will continue my quit for the unforeseeable future.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member IowaHawk23

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