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Let’s Quit It

Supporting One Another

So I finally got myself to sit down and write my HOF speech. Mainly because I received a picture of a naked David Hasselhoff in my dm from NomoreCope and I don’t want to get another one.

Let me explain: Our month group of September2022 (the mighty Iron Cacti) started celebrating certain quit milestones by posting a picture of  David Hasselhoff; when you reached 25 days you got ¼ of a Hoff picture, ½ of a picture for 50 days and so on. The more we looked at his picture the creepier it got over time. And so here we are, the kick in the butt that got me to write my HOF speech on day 127 of being quit.

So let me share with you dear reader the wisdom that I have acquired over the last 127 days.

I would have never been able to quit without the KTC community. I am seriously telling you, it’s awesome. You get the support when you need it (a lot of it!) and when you’re feeling your best you can support others right back. It’s a beautiful symbiosis.

Educate yourself to make your quit stronger. KTC page is filled to the brink with useful resources to get you started. Use google scholar to find research on topic of nicotine. This will make your WHY solid and unbeatable.

You know there is a small study that suggests that women’s breasts get bigger some months after quitting nicotine? Lot’s to discover, I tell you.

You will get your good and bad days. The first few days of your quit will SUCK. And then slowly days will get better and better. But oh no! It’s not going to get better into infinity. All of a sudden when you think you’re cruising on autopilot and that it is easy to stay quit the nicotine demon inside of you will strike you from seemingly out of nowhere. And that is where a lot of people fail to stay quit. With the help of KTC community days like that will be a lot easier: you will get support, accountability and good advice on how to weather the storm like a champ.

NomoreCope was the first to write to me in dms. We write to each other almost every day. We are making our quits stronger by holding each other accountable. And with that said: KTC magic does not work if you don’t use it. Give out your number, make connections before something goes wrong, PLAN before trips and share your plan with the community, ASK for help when you need it.

You will gain some weight. It’s ok. Don’t hold back the snacking the first few months, it will help you stay quit by providing your mouth with some sort of satisfaction (wink wink). But you are allowed to reach for some healthier snacks!  Quitting nicotine is a big lifestyle change. You will learn how your body is responding to being nicotine free and with that you will be able to make better decisions for your health in the future.

Your body is  not the only one that needs your attention. It’s important that you tend to your mind too!
Over the years of stuffing your face with that lip turd you probably “solved” a lot of problems by sticking a pinch of shit under your lip. Suddenly you won’t be able to get that “hit” when you get stressed. And in the first month you might get angry at everything. Find tools to help you cope. I found that with me the Wim Hof breathing exercises make wonders. It just restarts you and life gets much nicer.

In the end whether  you stay quit or not is up to you. I’ve seen many cave just because they chose to listen to the addict voice in their head and not use the tools of KTC. We can’t make you quit but we can sure help you on your way.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan community member Ema

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