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Lumberguy’s Quitacular HOF Speech

Lumberguy67 avatarWell…..Here goes….

I quite Tobacco on October 25th, 2017. As I am writing this I am going in to day 111 tobacco free. It feels damn good!

I had been a Copenhagen Snuff dipper for 34 years..WTF is what I say to myself today. Like you, I spent many a wasted effort on telling myself, my wife, my friends that I would quit at my marriage…my first daughters birth, my second daughters birth or my 3rd daughters birth. I said I would quit when my Dad died of lung cancer 17 years ago. Guess what, I lied!!!!!

I didn’t quit and honestly, probably had no intention of quitting. I was a hard core dipper….If you substitute “you know your a redneck” for……

“You know your a dipper”…if……

  • you would rather risk throwing up because you have a dip in at a wedding, funeral, church service, work, etc.
  • you strategically hide spit cups around the house
  • you spit in fake plants at other peoples houses….and your own.
  • you have attempted to make out with your wife with a dip in
  • you have attempted to perform oral sex on your wife with a dip in
  • you are too lazy to work out, but will drive 50 miles out of the way if you get below a half can of dip left
  • your out to dinner at a restaurant and you immediately get up to wash your hands, throw a whiz because you need to put a dip in
  • you have accidentally drank a little chew spit because your holding two bottles… the real beer and the spitter!
  • you have hidden it in your sock
  • you have spilled the spitter in your car and in your home
  • you get excited when you got coupons in the mail from Copenhagen

Do we all relate to that shit above? I do…I am certain there are 100 other things we all have in common. BUT, now the best thing we have in common is were Quitters…each and everyone of us. I have to admit, I could not have done this without you. Each and everyone of you. I would like to shout out a couple of my quit bros for always being there, all the time and supporting my quit.

Dr. Bottux My first Original pal on this site. We have texted and talked a lot on the phone and been there for each other. We have cracked jokes and laughed at our fuckedupedness……how is that for a word. 3000 miles away and I consider you a great friend. Thanks for being there!

Ralphie I don’t know what it was about you, but that fucked up pink bunny shit and my love for that movie. Thanks for being a support and a friend

Srains All I can say is I love you man and Thank you!

JMed You will always be one day behind me and Doctor but we love you man! Thanks for being a friend and a Quit brother!

Dio How Awesome is it that I can talk to you on WhatsApp and your in India! Congrats on HOF, stay quit and stay posting. These guys care about you and so do I.

Montovon and 4theWin Honored to have you as the Conductors of our HOF train. The work you put in on each write up shows how much you care for us. I haven’t talked to you guys but I Love you like brothers! Thanks for your hard work and your efforts. It is very much appreciated.

Mikea2017 Stay Classy Chicago…I hope Helfrich pays off and you guys can win again. I miss DA BEARS! Thanks for being a friend and a quit brother!!

Josh I was hard on you at first but you stood strong and here you are. Well done Sir!

To those I missed, quit crying. There are too many of you that contributed to my quit. I love each and everyone of you. I never thought I would be able to quit and here I am. You guys have given me so much confidence that I am embarking on a 100 day odyssey of NO DRINKING! Wish me luck!

To the creators of Kill The Can, Thank you! How much money are we taking out of big tobacco’s pockets and how many lives are we saving. Kids will grow up with their Dad’s or Mom’s. Don’t rob them or your spouse, friends or family of that. It is not fair to them and they didn’t ask for it.

I tend to ramble when I type too long so I am out. Thanks for allowing me to share and for reading one guy’s thoughts on quitting!!!!!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Lumberguy67

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