2018 Quitter Meets

Midwest Meet 2018 – First Annual

The first annual Midwest Meet was held April 12th through 16th in Trenton, Missouri hosted by forum member ReWire and his lovely wife and honorary quitter Mrs. Wire. It marks the fifth time that over 100 YEARS of quit was represented at a single quit meet (55,745 days / 152 years) and I believe it was our largest quitter meet to date! KillThecan.org forum members in attendance included:

Big Brother Jack (Day 8,990), Uncle Bubba (Day 5,283), Oaks (Day 4,487), Missouri Mike (Day 3,849), LanceSD (Day 3,628), Theo3wood (Day 3,545), Kdip (Day 3,512), Hydro (Day 3,415), MikeA (Day 3,026), Copenhaten (Day 2,841), Cbird (Day 2,297), Nickald (Day 1,938), worktowin (Day 1,938), Bronc (Day 1,492) swanda (Day 1,43), danojeno (Day 1,140), nomore1959 (Day 1,065), ReWire (Day 834), bgbdbrd (Day 434), Broccoli-saurus (Day 309), Metelofe (Day 91), EndlessQuit (Day 82), mpgzooch (Day 72) and Pickles (Day 34).

2018 Midwest Meet (1)
The 2018 Midwest Meet – 55,745 Days / 152 Years

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