2012 HOF Speeches

‘My First 100 Days’ – waketech’s HOF Speech

waketech avatarThis is not for those who are quit, you already know how good it is. This is not for me (maybe it is), I am not special (Maybe I am.) I am quit, proud, and feel like a million bucks today. For those of you that are not quit let me reminisce for you about the past 100 days…for I AM QUIT.

The decision – It was not hard once I decided to quit for myself. I took my can and dumped it down the toilet as I was told to do. I cleaned out everything that had to do with nicotine or tobacco. I made a promise to myself that I was quit. Quitting is easy, it was NOT what my nicotine impaired brain had me believing.

Withdrawals – I didn’t die, call 911, throw-up, shake violently, turn blue, or become sick, and you won’t either. It was not unbearable like the nicotine had me to believe. I drank water, ate seeds, used gum/candy, and ate lots of food. It sucks, embrace it, it is a once in a lifetime feeling/experience. You will never feel it again. Remember it is NOT your families, friends, or coworker fault that you are a dumb-ass.

Cravings – I have them, and beat the shit out of them. Weak stuff! Don’t even worry about them.

Life without the NIC – I thought that I needed it to deal with life. I thought I couldn’t do or enjoy things without it. I am here to tell you that I was wrong! Every time I do something without the NIC I realize how much better it is and how much NIC was holding me back. I have the same stress as I did while chewing, but now I feel fucking wonderful!

At 100 days – By now you will have purchased and received a HOF coin for 25 bucks and feel like you stole it. You will now have to purchase new underwear or a bra because your balls and/or boobs have gotten so big. People will like you more and you will like yourself more. You will no longer be that slimy, stinky, wet, lying, slobbering, brown shit in your teeth, nasty breath, cancer spitting, cancer spending person you once were.

If my past 100 days sounds better then your last 100 days come and quit with sudsmccracken, Wt57, ffmoofus, biscut, and the rest at KTC. These dudes are badass quitters, they know how to quit, and will help you out. It doesn’t cost a thing and will actually save you money. It doesn’t take all but a few minutes a day, and it just might save your LIFE!

Waketech -DAY 100- Thank you December Chew WRECKIN’ CREW
for the support and for being my friend!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member waketech

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