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100 Days Going On 365

RatedRKO16 avatarWell my reason for being late is I didn’t feel like 100 was “HOF worthy”. I knew there was still a long and tough road ahead. Now that I am coming up on a full year of being quit, I feel it’s time to say I’m quit for life. When I can say that for sure, that’s what I feel the Hall of Fame is to me. I am quit. For life.

I started up tobacco around 15 with my baseball buddies. The older kids had the Redman out and ninja dipping during baseball games so I did the same to be “cool”. What started as just some Redman during my baseball games turned into Skoal everyday. Before I knew it, I HAD to have a dip in every hour or I’d get agitated. I thought it helped me think better. I thought it eased my anxiety. I still thought I looked pretty cool (as long as I didn’t spit).

Around age 21, 3 years of dipping, I finally realized this was a problem. My gums had receded, girlfriends told me it was gross, I even had a colonoscopy/endoscopy that revealed damage already to my stomach lining. It wasn’t major or big yet, so I dismissed it.

Like many of you I tried to quit numerous times. I would say 25-50 times I legitimately said I was done only to go back within a day, week, sometimes in an hour. I have no idea what hit me on this day but I am forever grateful.

December 31, 2011 I had ran out of chewing tobacco. I wasn’t out partying, I don’t drink or do drugs or anything like that. I was just at home. I had ran out. Time to go to the store at 11 PM. I walked through and I took everything that worked previously to help me kind of quit. I grabbed some seeds, chewing gum (probably every flavor they had), some jolly ranchers (cinnamon fire) and lastly some Smokey Mountain Wintergreen. I had all that I needed to quit.

Deep inside I had the feeling I would go back at any moment still. I needed something to make my quit stronger. This is when I found KTC. I got in the chat-room and posted up. I stayed in that chat-room. A LOT. That’s where the magic happened. That’s where I met some of you that I would call some of my best friends. My gheys. You guys pushed me just a little bit more than I would have on my own.

I don’t think I’d be here still quit without my Bumping Bastards and the support from that group and the chat. I sent texts out when I needed help. You guys were there for me. My quit is strong now. I have you all to thank for that.

So some advice to future quitters. Throw your cans away, get some seeds/gum/herbal chew, and SIGN UP ON KTC. Quit everyday. Just for that day! Keep your promise. Am I saying it’s going to be easy? No. It will be tough as fuck. But having other guys in the same boat, or that we’re in the same boat as you helps tremendously.

I would like to thank some people individually –

ERDVM – Your words of wisdom and for making me laugh every time in that chat.
Coach Steve – Where do I begin? You coined QLF. You never let me cave even when I wanted to.
CBird – For keeping everyone in order. Sending PM’s and texts. Even though it got annoying, someone has to do it!
Bruce – Comedy relief. You’re an inspiration. To go through a divorce and stay quit. I have so much respect for you.

I have respect for all of you.

There are plenty more I could have named. You all helped in some way. I love you gheys. I am forever Quit Like Fuck.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member RatedRKO16

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