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Procrastination and Addiction: How to Convince Yourself to Get Help


Procrastination is so easy when you’re thinking of quitting. You might tell yourself, “in two days, I’ll get help.” Those two days turn into one week, and that one week might turn into a year. Before you know it, you’ve now put off quitting for years, and you’re starting to feel the effects.

The thing about addiction is that your brain is never going to give you the “right” time to quit. You’re always going to have an excuse for yourself, whether it’s that you feel too stressed one week to start, or you have an exam coming up, or you don’t feel like you deserve it just yet.

Addiction is 100% psychological (as well as a chemical one, in many cases), which means your brain isn’t on your side in this one. You must make a choice to quit, and the best time to do that is right now. So, here are some tips on convincing yourself to quit today.

Throw Out Your Last Stash

Are you still holding onto an extra stash of cigarettes or dip in your glove box? Maybe you have a secret tobacco stash in the kitchen to use when you get low on money. Maybe you just have one can of chew left, but you’re planning to buy more.

No matter what it is, throw it out (preferably into a garbage can you can’t retrieve it from). Right now. Yes, I mean it—Right now! Then come back here and read the rest of the article.

Throwing out your stash is an impulsive act that will impulsively get you one step closer to actually quitting. It doesn’t give your brain time to think, which is why it’s essential. Don’t think about it. There’s no reason to.

If you’re still considering it, I’ll tell you one more time—throw it away!

Throw Yourself a “Quitting Party” When You Make it to 1 Week

Now that you’ve gotten rid of your stash, it’s time to pat yourself on the back. You already made the first step! Amazing work! This next week is going to be the most difficult, and I won’t sugarcoat it for you.

However, there’s a bright side to this. You probably aren’t able to think of anything except the nicotine right now. However, try to think of something you want very much. It could be a new piece of furniture, a delicious dinner, a night out with your wife, or even just a new part for your car. Whatever it is, plan to get it for yourself when you make it one week.

One week may seem like not a lot of time to reward yourself, but it’s actually better to reward yourself early on when the addiction is harder to ignore.

Even just a little family party with a cake with “1 week” written on it is a great way to celebrate. Whatever makes you happy and makes you inspired to continue!

Join an Online Community

Now you’re going to want to rally up your support. Find people online (like KTC) that understand what you’re going through. Talk to them whenever you have an urge. Let the people who have been quit for longer explain to you why they’ve continued and what helped them. There’s no one more straightforward than someone who’s been through it too. Our Discord server is your #1 resource for immediate feedback, accountability and brotherhood.

Keep Yourself Busy

No matter what, you’ll want to keep your mind busy. Whether that’s reading books, mowing the lawn, or simply taking a walk at the times you usually use tobacco, it’s essential. Don’t get in a spot where you might start thinking a lot about your choices. Ignore your brain!

Have Someone to Keep You Accountable

Having someone to keep you accountable is another great idea. Choose someone you’re close to who knows whether you’re using tobacco or not. Show them all your past hiding spots and ask them to check them for you. You’ll know that someone always has eyes on your spots. Psst… Discord.

Try a Tobacco/Nicotine Substitute

Of course, it is a lot easier to use a substitute at first when you’re quitting. Some people like non-nicotine chew, which is usually made of herbs. It won’t give you the same satisfaction, but having something in your mouth to chew on will help. Some others suggest sunflower seeds. Check out our Smokeless Alternatives page for reviews, links, etc.

Never Give Up

If addiction wasn’t hard, we wouldn’t be going through it! Never give up. Shame and guilt feed an addiction. Even when your brain tells you that that you’re too weak to continue, remember that next time will be the time that sticks.

Know That It’s Never Too Late

If you feel like it’s too late for you to make a change or quit chewing, know that many people quit. Young adults, teens, people in their 40s, and older adults can all choose to quit at any time! That’s the power of free will!

Have an Inspiration Board

If it helps you, an inspiration board might remind you why you’re quitting. You can add pictures of your children, your dog, your inspirations in life, and more. Remind yourself that it’s only so painful for a little while. Even though urges can last a long time, they become easier to ignore.


If you want to learn more about procrastination and how it impacts your mind, you can check out BetterHelp today. They’ve also got addiction resources and information on their excellent mental health blog.

NOTE: This post was developed via a partnership with BetterHelp.

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