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My HOF – The Can Will Be My History

CHROMEGUY avatarI’m sure my reasons for starting to dip are similar to the rest of you. Your friend introduced you to “Name the brand” and you thought it would be cool to try, well the rest is your history. This is my history I started with Redman leaf then Skoal , Key, Cope, Skoal Mint, Cope. Cope is my weak spot.

I loved dipping Cope even when:
I had shit breath
I had shit floating in my teeth
I would sneak away from the family to dip.
I would coach kids baseball, softball, soccer, hockey.
I would leave the can on the coffee table and my little ones would spill it and get cope in their eyes. This one makes me so proud. Yet still I would dip the Cope.
I would have a panic attack when I couldn’t find the can that I knew I put somewhere.
I didn’t have anywhere to spit so I swallowed the shit.

As you can see I was slave to the can for 30 years just like you. I tried quitting dozens of times, sometimes for months, but I still came back to the dip. This time I tried to do it different, I quit for me and I found this website. Words can’t explain how much everyone here helped me make to where I am now. Special thanks to Greg for keeping tabs on me when I didn’t post roll and to the rest of the February Fucknuts what great bunch of guys! Least I forget to the veterans thanks for your support! The rest of my life is my future, the can will be my history.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member CHROMEGUY

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