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Not Cancer Today
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Ok so I am day 36 into my quit and I am feeling awesome . I may not be very active with posts but I make sure to post roll every morning. I read everything on this site and there is some great advice here. The other day I stumbled on a thread someone posting facts about how dip doesn’t cause as much oral cancer as cigarettes. He went on and on how it’s not as bad , blah blah blah. Well at first , like a true junkie I am , I starting thinking to myself great, maybe its not so bad. Like the person writing the thread I was looking for any excuse to go back .

My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He smoked cigarettes for a few years when he was younger but thats it . So now being I am over 40 they are monitoring me close. Well in December I had a PSA test done and my reading was 2.15 which is pretty high for 42 years old. I just had another done after my quit and the reading is 2.00. It went down . Was it because I quit? We don’t know yet.

Another friend of mine sucked on cigars, never smoked them . Doctors found nodules in his pancreas . This time the doctor told him it was directly related to the cigars, which means it’s directly related to nicotine!!

Moral of the story is we have to remember that this shit is poison. It flows thru our veins . It’s not just in our mouth. It goes to our brain, kidney, pancreas, liver, stomach, and for the men our prostate. Stay free, Stay healthy, Stay Quit.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member rlavec

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