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No Longer a Ninja (Dipper)

KillTheCan LogoI tossed my can after my girlfriend caught me ninja dipping. She could tell after I came home from softball that I tasted “fruity”. She asked me what kind of gum I had and I said something about ‘stride citrus’. (Yes, I chewed Skoal Citrus…no laughing please) She got quiet and a little upset and told me that she didn’t think I had stopped dipping like I told her I had. My brain: “At this point I could lie and tell her everything is fine and I’m not dipping anymore OR I could tell her the truth and that I am ADDICTED and I need HELP.” I knew I couldn’t continue on the path of ninja dipping in the car to/from work or during softball or while playing video games or while flying. I got tired of fearing mouth cancer. For god sakes, the CAN ITSELF says this product may cause mouth cancer. Why are we so dumb as to think we can put something like that in our bodies?!

I knew it was time to put this addiction away for good. I told her the truth and asked for her to bear with me while I quit cold turkey.

I went online and googled “quit dip” and look what I came across! I got in the chat room and was given instructions on how to post my promise. I posted a day 1 but didn’t recognize the importance of posting every day. I didn’t do my homework on how posting is the entire backbone of this site. So I didn’t post for 8 days after that until JimWot emailed me asking me what happened. I got back on the site and the rest is history. JimWot, Brotherofnomosko, Toetag – you guys are amazing friends.

If you’re a newbie and you’re reading this: You CAN quit. Flush it, throw it out your car window, sprinkle it in a puddle like a little ash spreading ceremony. Either way, make the choice to live dip free. You will not regret it 100 days later. It’s worth it. Go look at the stories and photos and testimonials to find out why.

If you’re a December RQDD – You have become family. I am forever grateful for your presence. The HOF doesn’t mean it’s time to get lazy. This is just the start. Let’s quit together today.

If you’re a veteran – I have an insane amount of respect for what you all do for the site. I have gotten messages from some really impressive quitters today; and one common thread between all of you is that you’re all quit for today. I hope to someday lead n00b quitters into the light like you guys do.

I’m going to level with you guys. I still think about dip when I go past the CS. I still crave when I do certain activities. I don’t have the willpower to go-it alone … and that’s where you all come into my quit. If you’re reading this, I wouldn’t be here without you. And I won’t be here without you tomorrow. Let’s go forward together. I am quit today.

Enough of the mushy-gushy shit. I’m getting me some tonight. I’ve got the webcam set up in case anyone wants the URL.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member charliehotel

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  1. 60 days tomorrow not one fucking dip in my mouth for 60 days I am kickin nics ass big time screw that shit I hate it it fucked me over for 35 years so fuck it now

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