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100 Days of Fun Fulled Quit!

100 Days of Fun Fulled Quit!Hall of Fame!! Day 100

I wrote a little piece 50 days ago. About how great things where. And a little of my struggles up to date.

I read it now and see how young I was in my quit. I can see the FUNK stinking it up. Oh sure im the tough guy in December. I can quit with the best of them. I was/am so weak. I know damn good and well If I stop posting and make it hard to go back. Ill be here posting a day 1 tomorrow. Or worse yet. So damn ashamed I wont be back to post a 1 ever….

100+ days ago I thought quitting sux.. Even up to 85ish days ago I KNEW quitting sux.
Now I tell you Using SUCKS way way worse. After the first couple days. All you have to deal with
Is the depression, The craves, The feeling like you lost your best friend, The thought of forever, The Guilt of lying cheating and stealing to get your fix for the last X years. How much of a PoS you are/where.

Then you talk to a few of the guys here and realize they are as fucked up as you.. They are feeling the same thing your feeling about the same time as your feeling it. Then you read some of the shit these fucks type and realize for years now all KtC gets is fucked up quitters.

Your in good hands. Your not alone. Your in like minded company. well except for the Ghey guys. But you will figure them out right away.

I can say some ghey shit about “One day at a time” quit for today” its the easiest hard thing you will ever do” The list goes on and on. I wont say that ghey shit.
I wont say some ghey shit about “Life changing”mentoring”or any thing else.

What I will say is. If you have quit before and restarted. If you stopped before and restarted. If you lied to god himself about quitting. If your as big of a addict as me and KNOW you will be chewing forever. Well you came to the right place.
All you have to do is throw that shit out. Flush it. Burn it. What ever it is you wanna do to make it unusable. ( And i mean unusable. We are talking full blown addict sucking a dirty dick for a chew withdraws.) And stay close to this site for a week or so we will cure you… Ok not really. But we will make it possible. Not easy, not full proff. But possible. Its all on you. You need to want it. Others that have gone before you have paved the way. You will learn more than you ever wanted to about addiction and tobacco and ghey sex. Just stay close to the site. Acountability is the Key. If you can fall away from the site with out getting seen. YOUR DOING IT WRONG!!!

I was kicking the idea about naming names. I will and if i forget about you.. well fuck you.
Odaat.. Fuck you and your ways. Love your avatar
Tcope. You scared the living shit out of me. I dont know why. you where the first one to contact me about 95 days ago. and I was pissing myself. LOL Yous not a bad fella after all.
30 well your just a Rock Star
WP your the man.
steve 1355 or what ever your numbers are. Good quit you got going on.
aglawer hella funny guy.
NOLAQ thanks for the pamphlets.
Colonel No Cope. You inspire me to be a monster in my quit. Push the envelope. Thanks
Blark You helped me threw my 50ish funk.

There is a few vets I didnt mention. Sorry.

Toe You made me so fucking mad I was gonna come my ass over to AZ and bitch slap you. Then you made me love you
Tampa sorry I didnt get to know you in December. I changed my tactics after your cave.
CB I watched you fall and stand up and be a quit rock and fall again.. Im not sure what went down but it made me remember im an addict.
Hawkins. Your my ROCK I havent talked to you But I been stalking you since your day 2 or 3. your just behind me. so your almost my sister.
MC i dont know why I felt like you needed me in the beginning. Now your a rock and I look up to you. Now I think its I need you to get threw a funk. Either way. stay quit.
Tommy my boy keep it up.
SLOMO. quit with who ever you want. Fuck him. Just quit.

I am here Because of all you guys.
* Cut and paste the spread sheet*
a few

Miles Quit and not even in the USA. God bless you!!
AZcheif. Bitch me out for inviting slackers to post with us LOL Love ya too
TIme and all your Weed.
Brother my jarhead brother. Spread sheet GOD. The baby sitter. Thanks
CH just because your the man.
Purple RIP
Chew wife. You where the only woman I knew of at first. I digged chicks that chewed IDK why
jojo and your puppy. Then I found out you wherent just a “Friendly guy”
Lo Spark. A strong quit
Bobcat a local fella that I hope to grab a beer with at some point.
And last but not lest MY BOYS

You all are my quittuplets
my rocks my constants.
running to the computer to see TR’s HOT avatar.
chatting with Griz on texts and chat.
and Carpy just an all and all good quitter.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member JimWot

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