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Old Guy Perspective to a 20 Year Old

tgafish avatarNot a bad guy.  Just a stupid fucking kid who doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.  PS I fucking hate you!!  I hate you because I see myself 22 years ago.  20 years old and having a flash in the pan thought about quitting because I was scared of xyz.  Instead of getting serious I thought one of a thousand things that justified me having one more and then in the blink of an eye I was 22 years older, $50K poorer and had done years of damage to my body, my relationships, my whole fucking world.  What I wouldn’t give to go back and punch myself in the nuts so fucking hard I couldn’t get up for a month and say “Hey you stupid asshole.  Quit this stuff, you’re wasting your life in slavery!”

I fucking hate you because I see a constant string of 20 something year old kids coming in here and having the chance to save themselves from all the shit I went through.  But you always fuck it up cause you’re just as stupid as I was.  So you’ll wait just like I did until you’ve fucked yourself enough that you finally have had enough.  You finally feel down into your soul that you are done and that there is NOTHING that will keep you from being quit.  Your quit is as important to you as your next fucking breath.
But I still come in here and think maybe this guys different, maybe I can talk him into getting it.  I devote my time, my soul, my word into helping you stay quit and then you fucking throw it all away like it’s an old tshirt.

Well FUCK YOU and your half assed stoppage you stupid asshole!!!  Not going on a weekend trip is too much to ask to keep yourself quit?  You’re not ready.  Go ask Kenzie Kern how many weekends she would give up to have her dad back.  Go ask outdoortexan how many weekends he would give up to have parts of his face back.  Ask ME how many weekends I would give up to have back 22 years of slavery to that fucking can.

Go ahead and take this shit lightly.  Maybe you’ll stay quit, maybe you won’t.  Obviously it matters to you as much as a flip of the coin.

I’ll be here on Monday posting up day 901 quit.  What’s your plan?

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member tgafish

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