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How Long Does Addiction Last?

Question Mark KeyThe following conversation took place recently on the forums and I wanted to share.

The Question

so how does post-100 days work generally?

If I’m being real with myself, I’m not going to be a lifetime poster, and I imagine very few truly are. So logically there is some accepted end-state for winding down participation, i.e. do it until 200, do it weekly until 200, when you need to until 365-idk. I could see posting when you need to, but then that’s just taking, not really giving back.

Point is, how is it done?

The Answer From tgafish

The physical addiction ends quickly. The craves subside and at some point completely go away. But your mind never stops working in strange and sometimes self destructive ways. As others have mentioned this brotherhood is littered with guys who thought they had this thing kicked. I can tell you your brain will try to tell you wouldn’t it be cool just to remember what that buzz was like. It’s a fleeting thought. Barely even registers. But it’s like planting a seed. It slowly grows in your mind until you’re actually considering it. Let’s say right at that time you walk into a store and that can behind the counter grabs your attention. Ah what the fuck I have a long boring 4 hr drive ahead of me why not give it a whirl. No one will know. It’s not like I’m some sort of parole who has to check in with my officer. I’m a grown fucking man and if I want to take one dip who the fuck does someone think they are to tell me no. It’s not like I’m going to keep dipping. It’s just one………………..

I have a brotherhood I check in with almost every day. I post my solemn word to not use nicotine that day. I’ve also promised those brothers I will never use it again. This has worked for 6+ years and I can tell you I’ve had moments where I don’t know what my choice would have been except for this. Quite honestly I probably would have made the right choice but because of giving my word to my brothers I am certain I will.

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  1. Addiction is forever im on 248 and i still have craves. But yes i miss post roll from time to time. But by no means myself you or anyone is done with addiction.

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