One Month Free From Dip

One MonthI had my one month victory party on Sunday.

I let my girls pick their dream day date with Dad. It all began with their favorite thing to do on a Sunday morning SKIP CHURCH, so we went over to IHOP and had breakfast. Next came my idea, rent a jetski and head out to Lake Travis, so off we went and got one for 2 hours. Man was that a lot of fun, we really had a blast, after that we stopped for the good old fashioned cooking of McDonald’s, and went home for naps and showers.

I told them we could go to a movie that afternoon and afterwards I had a surprise and to put on their “pretty princess” clothes. They wanted to see Ratatouille which I admit was pretty funny everyone got a kick out of it.

On to the surprise, dinner downtown at Ruth’s Chris steakhouse. It was actually something that I had been craving for a few years, but hey if I can take care of one of my craves and make it their surprise then I killed two birds with one stone. They went off to the bathroom together near the end of dinner, came back and said “can we tell you a secret” of course “we decided that when we get bigger we want to marry a boy just like you” I just melted, I almost cried, I felt so good at that moment I can’t even describe it.

So I guess the point of this is for the October class to celebrate the one month victory, go out and do something fun that you want to do, or better go do something for someone that makes them happy. It feels great to celebrate.

At the end of the night after a bedtime story my oldest Madison asked if we could go on a dream day date every month, and I said yes.

So much for saving money from not dipping, but saving the money towards a goal of spending it on something special is fine with me. It really is a quit reinforcer for me now.

Dream date with girls once a month: $300
Dream dates once a month for the next 13 years: $46,800
How it makes us feel: Priceless

NOTE: This piece written by forum member txjeepin

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