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Hall of Fame KTC 2It has been 110 days now and I feel great. I had given up on quitting. Each day that pasted I only became more frustrated because I “quit” every night only to find myself at the store the next day. The reason I quit was for my health. I found myself worried to death when area’s of my lip began to change. But even then I didn’t quit. That is when I googled quit help and found KTC. I have told the story before of how I entered live chat for “quitters” without realizing what it was. Thankfully, Phil took me aside and talked to me because I was really pissed after taking some shit from other “chatters”. It is funny now that I think about it but at the time I was seriously looking for help.

I am not very good at speeches and not very good at quitting either. I am seriously amazed that I have made it to the HOF. I dipped for over 30 years and never stopped dipping for more than 3 days (that was only happened twice). I have always considered myself weak when it came to tobacco. For all of the new quitters, you have to make up your mind to quit and post roll every day. That is the accountability that we all need everyday. Trust me as a “mature” (we won’t say old man) man I have learned a lot over the years and most people can’t quit without support.

The main things I have learned at KTC are (1) I quit today (tomorrow don’t matter) (2) “I quit” not trying too (3) I need support from people dealing with the same thing so post roll, read and talk to people on the site.

I want to thank Phil (I was ready to kick ass that night), MikeWC, Mike Land and Rickddd. Ya’ll posted everyday to support me and it made the difference.

I quit to live guys and gals. For the first time I have beat the nic bitch and now I do feel like I have proven something.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member papabear1986

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