2015 Quitter Meets

Pennsylvania 2015 Meet – Videos

PA Meet 2015 Night 1The 8th annual PA Quit Meet was held from July 24th through July 26th in Landsdale, PA. This post contains videos from that weekend.

KillThecan.org forum members in attendance included: Keddy, boelker62, Big Brother Jack, baitbanjo, SirDerek, Chewie, Scowick65, theo3wood, mcarmo44, MonsterEMT, Bronc, dforbes, rocketman, Lance from SD, kdip, wastepanel, quitspit, THansen2413, basshaug, greenspidy, 30yrAddict, btdogboy, cmark, chrisTKE1982, Jeffro Dolfie, Clampy & carlh2o.

For pictures and details of the event check out the main post here.

8th Wonder of the World via btdogboy

Baitbanjo & Sir Derek – Rum Tasting In PA

Boelker62 Ponders the Rum – and Gets Warned

Quitter Karaoke – Sweet Caroline

Jeffro Dolfie Tackles The Rum

Do you have a picture from a quitter meet you’d like added?  Contact usupload it or post it to the KillTheCan.org Facebook page.

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