San Diego Quit Meet – August 2017

San Diego Meet - August 2017 forum members Bronc (day 1,264), Zquitter (day 1,250), Ammqash (day 1,304), RichardK (day 520) and cmark (day 1,974) got together in San Diego with a total of 6,311 days quit! Do you have a picture from a quitter meet you’d like added?   You can contact us, you can upload it directly to … Continue reading

Summer 2017 San Diego Quit Meet

Summer 2017 San Diego (3) forum members scottludwig (day 242), kd4jet (day 3,264), Atown (day 184), cmark (day 1,915), Leonidas (day 156), JohnK (day 1,915), Richard K (day 461), zquitter (day 1,191), danojeno (day 853) and kdip (day 3,255) got together in San Diego. 35+ years of quit! Do you have a picture from a … Continue reading

Newbie Questions at

KTC Questions and Answers

We all arrive at looking to quit dipping. One of our greatest assets is our community members. The more we grow the more people we have to answer those tough questions about quitting. Video Transcription You know, we all came to this site as newbies. Now that we’re veterans, … Continue reading