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Pozzi Hits a Hundo – Thank You KTC

KTC Logo Old PhotoI never thought I would be addicted to nicotine for as long as I was. I guess I should say, never thought u would Use nicotine that long… I’ll always be addicted.

I do remember though, back when I was 14, saying to myself that as I started smoking I was stronger than the people in my life who struggled with nicotine addiction. I said I could manage it. Quit whenever I wanted. Ten years later… I wanted to and couldnt find the power. 17 years later I found KTC.

It’s not the right time I told myself. There is way too much stress in my life right now to quit. I should just keep feeding the tobacco companies to stay on top of my responsibilities. KTC showed me all that rationalization was bull shit. And how shitty that bull shit was…

Expensive too. My back of the envelope calculation valued my habit somewhere between a low end Mercedes and a brand new Toyota tundra.

The past 100 days haven’t been the most difficult of my life. Cold turkey turned out to be a lot easier than the horror show I had built up in my mind. Uncomfortable… Frustrating… And even painful at times, it was no small feat. However, what strikes me the most about it is that I would have done this years ago. It wasn’t some impossibly high mountain or lofty unreachable goal. I just had to stop, and post roll every day.

Double zeroes feels great, and my lady and I are headed out on the town to celebrate. But I’ll be posting roll tomorrow too.

I’d really like to thank all my December quit brothers for their support. A few vets helped along the way but who likes those assholes?

Big thanks to Harvest Girl, ProHunter, JeffW, montovon, MJW, Instagram, SkoalCrusher, CoachW , and of course Samrs….

IQWYT and here’s to 100 more.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Pozzi

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