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Quit Just One More Time – Make It Your Last

Moto avatarYou know, the more I think about this alcohol thing, the more I want to frame it up for you a different way.

when I was in the first part of my quit – you know, days 3-20, I realized that I had to do something different than the 5 times before that I made 8 days. I did some thinking and put 2 and 2 together and realized that I followed a pattern – quit dipping, make it 3 days to 25 days, get comfortable, drink a few beers, bum a cigarette, buy a pack, get disgusted with myself for smoking, then shamelessly buy can and repeat process in about 6 months when “the moon and stars aligned, life wasn’t stressful, there weren’t too many things going on, I was finally ‘ready’ to quit, etc….”

Then I found this site. And mustered up the courage to try to quit just one more time….which was my last!

I was so afraid guys to cave when I found this site, because I was down to my last chance, last try at quitting when something was new and different. If I caved when part of QS1 (yes, that long ago), I new that I blew my last chance of quitting, and that my self esteem and insecurities about quitting would never get to the place that I would ever make it. I was so afraid of that happening.

I don’t know if you understand what I am saying.

I did EVERYTHING that I could to make sure that I quit for the last and final time with the help of my ACORD brothers and this site. I knew that if I drank a beer, or 2, then got to 5 or 6 that I would be putting nicotine in my body and that would be the end of it. DONE! F-ed up, out the window, lost opportunity to finally do it right.

Men and women, don’t ruin your chance by tainting the impact that this site has on your quit. Don’t cave even one time, so you better do everything perfect, do everything by the book, listen to great ideas (you don’t have to agree with them, just listen), and implement those things that you feel will maximize your chance of sticking this quit.

If drinking a beer will reduce the chance of sticking your quit by 1%, then don’t drink a beer until you are SURE that you can drink a beer and it will have no impact on your quit.

Take 5 minutes, for me, to do a self assessment of yourself. What makes you cave – avoid it. What reduces your will against nicotine – don’t do it. Are you overly confident in your quit – realize it and shut up and listen to everyone around you and don’t be cocky. Are you quitting for the wrong reasons – your wife will piss you off and you will get back at her and dip (hah against her, stupid). Self assess, ladies and gentlemen.

If you don’t know yourself, and know your limits, your strengths and certainly your weeknesses, then you will have a dang hard time sticking your quit.

So for the drinking part – I challenge you to show me evidence that drinking improves your ability to stick your quit. I have plenty of evidence on my side, just ask 30% of every person that posts day 1 on this site what was their #1 reason for caving. The evidence is so far in my favor.

I feel for you guys – you are sucking it right now, and it blows. But take it from me, Nicotine and dipping have 0.0000 part of my life right now – you will get there with hard work and being smart about it.

I will close with a theory. If you drink alcohol in your first 30 days of your quit after reading this post then either; 1 – I suck at writing and making an argument. 2 – you are overly confident and a fool or 3 – you really don’t want to quit.

I will apologize for #1. But don’t be that person in #2 or #3.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Moto

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