TCOPE’s 600 Mile Bike Ride For Cancer Research

Bike Ride

My 30th year high school reunion is this September. I dipped that entire 30 years (and even more!) until 6 January of this year when I finally quit.

Since my graduation I have lost 2 family members and my best high school friend to cancer.

I’m sure many of you and your families have been touched at some point by this disease.

In addition to losing my grandmother and aunt, I have stood on the sidelines as my father has beaten this killer twice. But not before losing his right arm to the disease……….

So as my wife and I sat planning our trip back to my hometown and knowing that I probably escaped cancer due to being able to quit with KTC, we both decided that the best way to celebrate, and at the same time draw attention to the friends, classmates and family that have been touched by cancer since our graduation, was to do what my high school best friend and I liked to do best: Go for a Bike Ride.

Thus was born The Bike to the Class Reunion Tour – A 600 mile bike ride for Cancer Research and in memory of classmates, friends and family.

I hope you’ll take a look at the trip itinerary that outlines the ride. I’ll be on the road from 9-17 September and you can also keep up during the ride by becoming a member of the blog. I’ll be sending updates from the road via Facebook and this Blog which has a detailed interactive map with photos and videos! CHECK OUT THE MAP DAILY!

TCOPE's Bike Ride

More importantly, I hope that many of you at KTC can help share in the support for the ride and make a small donation in the names of our classmates, friends and families to cancer research.

Through KTC, I’ve built another set of amazing friends and all of us with a similiar bond. We all quit something that ultimately would have killed us with cancer.

Here’s the link to my blog and the direct link to the donation page of the American Cancer Society:

Thanks in advance,

P.S. If you or any family members, friends, or classmates have been impacted by this disease please send their names, whether they are a survivor or victim and your relationship with them and I’d be glad to post them on The Cancer Wall as part of the blog.

NOTE: This piece written by forum member TCOPE

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