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Quitting Is Humbling

KTC Logo SepiaHey there…making this speech I never thought I’d make, about an addiction I never thought I’d stop. Time to pass on my history and wisdom…just hoping someone will get some good quittin’ out of it.

I started dipping 27 years ago as a sophomore in high school. First dip was regular Skoal…what a rush, and what a mistake! Over the next few years, I tried all the major (and minor) brands, then finally settled on Copenhagen. I look back, and I realize the stupid things I did to obtain my dirt…borrowing money to buy cans of the stuff, selling and pawning my stuff, etc. Amazing how much of a hold this stuff had on me, and I had no plans to stop…I did “enjoy” dipping. It was also during this time that my best friend said “lemme try some of that.” Of course, I let him, and he was hooked as well. I will NEVER again condone dipping to anyone!

When the price of ‘Hagen started to skyrocket, I switched to Red Seal FCN. Hey! This is a bigger can AND it’s cheaper! Wow…now I don’t ever have to quit!

Well, I tried quitting seriously in 2007…my cravings (and my attitudes toward my wife and son) got SO bad after just 1 day…my wife went and bought me a can so I would start acting nice again. I knew I was almost at the bottom…but kept on dipping.

Finally, last August, my wife and I sat down and did a written family budget. My addiction had reached a point that it was consuming about 1/10 of my monthly take-home pay. HOLY CRIPES! Then I paused and calculated how much I’ve spent on this stuff over the last 27 years. The result was just under $50k. That was it…that was what I needed to see. :angry:

On August 29, 2009, I woke up determined to never EVER put that dirt in my mouth again. With the support of my family AND this forum, I am now successfully quit. The first week SUCKED…dip dreams, fog, and insomnia almost drove me back to the can. But, I was at the point that I really wanted to quit. I persevered, the cravings and fog went away, and now I’m nic free.

Do I have a single piece of good advice? Yeah…don’t ever start! Otherwise, just keep on with your quit with the understanding that each day is a challenge, but each day it WILL get better.

I owe a lot of thanks to all of the guys & gals on the Dec. 2009 boards. I didn’t talk a whole lot, but I read and observed…just seeing everyone else get through it was more support than I needed. Let’s all remember to help out those needing support. If we can do it, so can they…it’s humbling!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member babsc01


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