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Way Over Due!!! – Proud To Be Quit!!!

beretta avatarI cant explain the feeling of accomplishment and the will power to walk in a station and look at all the tins of dip and think, screw you, I’m not wasting my hard earned money. I love doing all the things for the first time without the big fat dip in my lip. All the things I enjoy like pheasant hunting, plowing the drive way, fishing with buds, playing poker, riding atv or just hanging out, all without dip. Its nice not sneaking around at xmas, family outings, and everywhere else just to have a big tird in my lip. I truely appreciate this site!!! I love to read all the posts and to see all the same shit Ive been through. I know alot of people get pissed off at each other in here but its just one more way to vent and to not dip. I should have quit along time ago for my wifes and kids sake, but until your ready to quit for yourself its just not gonna work. I could ramble on for a long time but all in all, I’m just happy to be this far and dont ever plan on going back. I think its true that were all addicts and could slip very easily without keeping your guard up. Im thankfull for all the support ( Even Wet spot-fucktard) and all the encouragement you guys and this site gives each one of us, and besides that I dont think I could handle that first week again!!!! Keep quit!!! Beretta

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member beretta

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