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She Still Lurks, But I Know Her Game

Lady LurkingSo, this past week, I went for a one night camp out / beer drinking / storytelling / fire poking event with some folks that I work with. At nearly 1,300 days, though, I’m still mindful of situations where the nic bitch lurks. This was one of those.

Now, I knew that one guy in the group was still a slave. After steaks were eaten, beer drank, and a pile of ashes made, a new guy, younger guy, to the group asks to bum a dip off someone. I immediately see myself 4-5 years ago, and think, “Damn, that was me. A slave, looking for his fix.” And, it sickens me a little, even to this day, to know that I let myself be controlled. Okay, it sickens me a lot.

The new guy goes on to say that he “quit” 2-3 years ago, but every now and then gets the urge and has a pinch. The frequency of his usage or the truth of his addiction habits as he stated it is really irrelevant, but it did remind me of something. There may be those people out there that can put down the can and just have one every so often (once a week, once a month, every 6 months, whatever). I’M NOT THAT PERSON, and likely neither are you. The nic bitch has tried to lure me in with “you can just have one” scheme on more than one occasion. Guess what? She was batting 1.000 whenever she got me to buy in to that, and after a week or so, I was a full blown can a day junkie. Since finding KTC and utilizing these tools here, BG is batting 1.000, and I fully intend to keep crushing quit bombs into the left field bleachers.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Bradleyguy

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