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Sportsfan231 HOF Speech – Helping Others Helped My Quit

sportsfan231 avatarMy HOF speech: 100 days of freedom from the nic bitch… freedom yes freedom that’s what it is boy that feels so good. You do not realized how much control that nicotine has over you until you kick it out of your life. I’m 43 years old started chewing before I was a teenager had 2 older brothers we would hide our happy days out in the woods. Still remember my older brother started dipping cope and we were playing basketball he told me to try it, boy I tell you I remember getting dizzy to this day.

Another funny story my uncle came over to my dad’s house when I was around 16 and I was dipping cope at the time gave my dad a can of Hawkins (my dad don’t dip)an said this stuff is good and told me to leave it along that would make me sick I just laugh.

I grew up thinking dipping was cool, then came the girlfriends so you try to quit but fail, then marriage fail again, first kid fail, 2nd kid fail, 1st kid drinking spit bottle fail. Plus many more just like everyone else.

100 days is great but that’s just begging I have a big trigger that killed my longest quit ever that’s going mushroom hunting. Last time I quit 3 years ago I walked into the woods and said “I never done this before without dip” so I walked out and guess what.

So what’s going to be different this time? Kill the can (ktc) First why did I quit? It was open enrollment at work and they have raised our health insurance but you could get a $35 discount each pay if you didn’t use nicotine. see You can’t lie and check saying you don’t use because they test you and if you test positive you’re fired.
So here I am thinking about quitting and I find ktc and I read and I read more and decide to sign up thinking how is posting roll with bunch of guys and gals talking about ghey shit going to help. I’m here but to me there’s more too it then posting roll, you get a lot of attention first couple of days then it’s gone somewhat. So I felt let down about gave up until I got a pm from Mich 34 offered his digits to me. That changed everything a stranger who knows nothing about me wants to help me, with me being a fire fighter I like helping people so why can’t I do that. So that’s when I started sending out pm for digits in our group JAN 13. Once I got a members contact number I would use it on Fridays and ask everybody what their plan was for the weekend and that lead to texting members if they did not post roll that day. I would ask them if everything is alright because I didn’t see your name on roll today, some of the answers you get you would not believe, I was rob today, we had a baby, sick, house fire, car wreck, death in the family, or I was busy or forgot but you see some were real happy that I reached out to them. That lead to everybody that posted support in Jan 13 or who I talked to in live chat I posted support in there group. Another member J2B reached out to me asked me to post in May 2011 and be a 3bit well today I got my 3rd ball thanks Josh.

Best advice post roll first thing in the morning, stick around become friends get contacts lots of them so you know someone has your back. Be here more than just post roll as epayne would say. Get involved fix bumps, do the spreadsheet, congratulate other members on milestones. & pay it forward and help others. Be accountable & hold people accountable. Helping others helped my quit.

I would like to thank all the members of JAN 13 the Jackwagins who has helped me to this point.
specical thanks to epayne.

special thanks to mich 34 you help create this monster along with j2b.
so many more to thank. remember i’m shy i like to be the behind the scenes guy.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member sportsfan231

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