What To Expect – 100 Days and Beyond

Expectations - KillTheCan

Years ago, we put together a timeline of the first 100 days of your quit – What To Expect When You Quit Dipping. It was created based on the input of thousands of quitters and has proven to be incredibly accurate. And while this timeline shows a quitter with incredible … Continue reading

Five Year Celebration For Shawn

Shawn Taylor - FB - 11.8.2015

KillTheCan.org forum member Shawn posted this to the KTC Facebook page with this note: “Five years in the books today! Stay quit Brothers and Sisters. Thanks to my wife, she gets me a coin every year to show her support and never forgets.” Congrats on 5 years of freedom Shawn! Do you … Continue reading

Celebrate 5 Years of KillTheCan.org

5 Years Old

On November 20th of this year, KillTheCan.org will celebrate its 5th anniversary!  As we come up on 5 years we’re nearing the 10,000 member mark and the 1,250,000 post mark on our forums.  As we always do, we’ll invite our members to participate in the one-day-only site wide roll call … Continue reading