One Man’s Journey

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I quit Copenhagen on 07/25/2010. About three weeks before that I was watching the Arizona Diamondbacks play baseball on television. I heard the broadcaster talk about Joe Garigiola Jr. (Senior Vice President of Baseball Operations for Major League Baseball) and his new tobacco policy. They were talking about players being … Continue reading

They Said It – Josh Hamilton Via Sports Illustrated

They Said It

I’ve been a Sports Illustrated subscriber for years now.  One of my favorite segments every week is the “They Said It” piece.  If you’re not familiar with it, they pull a quote from an athlete and then provide the context around the quote. I was flipping through a back issue … Continue reading

Fake Dip: To Chew Or Not To Chew

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I’m sitting up way too late and not working… This used to be PRIME chewing time.  Wife and kids are in bed,  I’m down in the basement watching Baseball Tonight with a big fattie in.  The difference is, tonight it’s a fatty of Hooch Snuff rather than Kodiak. Many people … Continue reading