100 Days….100 Words

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Prayer Conscience Blind Mislead Lies Chains Spit Cups Bad Breath Expensive Selfish Stink Stained Withdrawals Shakes Excuses Stopping Failing Self medicating Pre Cancer Decay Guilty Procrastination Exaggeration Running Avoiding Sores Scared Tired Lost Mirror Truth Decision Flush Cold Turkey Scared Fog Confused 72 hours Mental Anxiety Out-of-body Suck Unfocused Frustrated … Continue reading

Ode To Day NINETY-NINE! – Committed

99 Days of Freedom

Do you hear that sound? The train is coming for me! Tomorrow will mark 100 days free! I’ve worked my ass off to make it this far, Done some weird things, you might call Bazaar. Like one day I was craving really, really, bad, Didn’t want to give in, but … Continue reading

Ode To Day 98 – What’s Different This Time?

The Gun In America

I woke up this morning with one thing on my mind: Simply, I’ve never stayed quit for such a long time. Sure I’ve done it before, many times in the past, No more than 3 days, my quit wouldn’t last. I tried to think, Why is this unlike before?” What’s … Continue reading

Giving Thanks For My Quit & KTC

KTC Thanksgiving

Last week the KillTheCan.org forums celebrated it’s 9 year anniversary of helping people quit chewing tobacco. As we’ve done in the past, we had a one-day, site-wide roll call where folks put their name on a line and promised to be quit from nicotine for that day. The results were… outstanding. I wanted to … Continue reading

9 Years Quitting Dip For KillTheCan.org

9 Years For Forums

Today, (November 20th, 2015) KillTheCan.org celebrates the 9th anniversary of helping people break the bonds of their tobacco addiction!  Last month, we surpassed the 25,000 registered member mark and we’re well on the way to 26,000.  We’ve got over 3.6 million posts on our forums and our social media profiles (Facebook and Twitter) continue their strong growth and engagement. … Continue reading