PRO-DIP Update – Out of Business


Good afternoon folks! I wanted to give you a quick update on smokeless alternative company PRO-DIP. For the time being, PRO-DIP is out of business. I will remove all links to them from the site and blog and will link to this post. I’m being told that this is NOT permanent but … Continue reading

PRO-DIP Pouch Review


Back again this evening with a review of a new smokeless alternative product! PRO-DIP (  is, “The world’s first 100% tobacco & nicotine free healthy supplement pouch.” PRO-DIP pouches are designed for the body to maximize its nutrient uptake and absorption in a hands-free, time-released fashion. PRO-DIP launched with six products: ION, … Continue reading

PRO-DIP Ingredients


Below is a list of ingredients in various PRO-DIP products.  If you have a list of ingredients for a PRO-DIP product not listed here please contact us and we’ll get it added. PRO-DIP VITE (Multivitamin) Flavor – Orange Vitamin A, Vitamic C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K2, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, … Continue reading

PRO-DIP Coupon Codes

PRO-DIP Baseball in conjunction with PRO-DIP is proud to offer members an exclusive promo code to be used when purchasing PRO-DIP products! When you check out, enter promo code “Killthecan” and receive 10% off your order! PRO-DIP is a pouch alternative that come in 6 great flavors. Huge thanks to PRO-DIP for a great … Continue reading