PRO-DIP Pouch Review

PRO-DIP BoxBack again this evening with a review of a new smokeless alternative product! PRO-DIP (  is, “The world’s first 100% tobacco & nicotine free healthy supplement pouch.” PRO-DIP pouches are designed for the body to maximize its nutrient uptake and absorption in a hands-free, time-released fashion. PRO-DIP launched with six products: ION, META, VITE, RAW, CHILL and ELITE. They are all pouch products so they’re great as a smokeless alternative. All of their products contain NO NICOTINE and NO TOBACCO. The company was founded in 2015 with a small leadership team that includes coaches, athletic directors, and former NFL player Kyle Auffray. 

All PRO-DIP products are 100% natural so you do NOT need to spit (but this is obviously a personal preference of the user). For a complete list of ingredients used check out PRO-DIP Ingredients. According to their site:

PRO-DIP is an extremely innovative nutritional supplement that is the first of its kind in the industry. It is a small spitless, time-released, bottom lip pouch that secretes essential proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to the athlete while the athlete is working out as well as pre-and post bouts of exercise for increased energy / mental focus and muscle recovery.

That’s all well and good, but how is is for someone who’s looking to use these products as a smokeless alternative? Let’s get into it.

General Thoughts

First off, a couple of general non-flavor specific things about PRO-DIP. They are all pouch products that are spitless. If you want to spit you certainly can but you’re not going to get yourself sick if you don’t. They come in metal “tins” about the size of a Tic Tac container. Each tin contains 12 pouches and each “serving size” is one pouch (though I always use at least two when testing flavors). I put together this quick video to give you a peak at the packaging.

With those general thoughts out of the way let’s get into some more flavor specific thoughts.

PRO DIP IONPRO-DIP ION (Energy + Focus) Review

Flavor – Tropical Fruit

This is their “energy & focus” product. Great flavor here. Got a real Blueberry / Fruit Punch thing going on which I can only describe as “refreshing”. Now that I think about it it reminds me a little bit of a Hubba Bubba Chewing Gun flavor from way back in the day. And that’s a very good thing. As I’m working the pouches in my mouth I really do have to stop myself from swallowing the pouch itself. This product contains ingredients derived from milk and soy.


Flavor – Acai Berry

This is their “antioxidants” product for the immune system, cellular health, anti-inflammatory and metabolism. Getting a purple – blue spit here and I got some berry “dust” when opening the can. These cans are actually sort of a pain to not only get the initial wrapping off but also to get the first pouch out. I had to dig in with my pinky to get the first one out. After that no big deal. Simply OUTSTANDING flavor here but doesn’t feel like it’s going to last quite as long as ION. I’m really forgetting to even spit the taste is so good.


Flavor – Orange

This one is listed as “multivitamin” for repair, bone health, cardio health and endurance. Wow… another great flavor. This one is straight up Orange Tang which is a very good thing. It’s really got a “bite” to it but not in the traditional tobacco sense. More like a tingling sensation which is very nice. The flavor I’m getting is as if i put too much Tang into a glass and I’m drinking that sludge when you get to the bottom of the glass. Don’t take that description as a bad thing. It’s just the best way I can describe the intense orange flavor here. This product contains ingredients derived from milk and soy.


Flavor – Watermelon

This is the “protein” variety for recovery and muscle building. I’m totally getting the watermelon flavors coming through after popping in a couple of pouches. Reminds me of that Pink Bubbalicious Bubble Gum or perhaps Big League Chew.This product contains ingredients derived from milk and soy.

PRO-DIP ELITEPRO-DIP ELITE (Beta Alanine + Energy)

Flavor – Pomegranate

Listed as the “pre-workout” variety for energy and performance boost. Good flavor coming through here but probably the least “intense” of the bunch. I’m not typically a big pomegranate fan but the berry undertones offset the pomegranate flavor so it’s not super overpowering. I have a feeling that this may be one that would grow on me over time but at least for this initial review this would be my least favorite. This product contains ingredients derived from milk and soy.


Flavor – Honey

This “relaxation” product is for sleep, relaxation (duh) and recovery. The honey flavor comes bursting through here to the point where you’d swear there is real honey inside the pouch. Reminds me of the bottom of a cup of coffee or tea that you’ve flavored with honey. Nice and smooth and really does give you the flavor of real honey. Almost coats your throat with the honey. This truly would be a great one right before bed.

Final Thoughts

PRO-DIP is an outstanding entry into the world of smokeless alternatives. If you’re looking for traditional smokeless tobacco flavors (wintergreen, mint, straight) you’re not going to find it here, but what you will find is some pretty intense and robust flavors in a pouch product that doesn’t fall apart and has some good longevity. The fact that they are actually nutritional supplements means they’re made to be spitless as well which is nice. I always prefer two pouches for an extra flavor boost, but these are pouches that you can keep in all day long and no one will be the wiser.

You can get all six flavors from the PRO-DIP website at They’re sold in six packs for $30 (plus shipping & handling). They also offer a multi-flavor sampler pack where you can get one tin of each flavor.

Special thanks to Kyle Auffray from PRO-DIP for providing me samples to try and review.

Disclaimer: In accordance with FTC Guidelines, we hereby inform this site’s viewers that we occasionally receive products for review purposes. At no time has payment has been made in order to elicit positive reviews. Affiliate links may be present in the above content. Read our disclosure policy for more info.

Have you tried PRO-DIP?  Contact us and we’ll add your review to the site!

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  1. Got the multi pack in May, they have been sitting in my man cave since then. Opened them up today & I had to throw most of them out, they started getting funky looking. I’ve had Teaza packs for well over a yr & they get a little stiff, pop them in, completely fine.

  2. question is how effective was the pre-workout? longevity of energy level?

    • Honestly I can’t say. I do all of my reviews either on the way to / from work or in the evening. I’m reviewing from the smokeless alternative point of view rather than the nutritional supplement viewpoint. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

  3. Just tried chill and was not impressed. Left a nasty after taste like a chewy multivitamin . Yuck. If I were a honeybee I’d be insulted that they called this taste “honey”. And did not last long at all. Too small. Too short lived. Too expensive. Hoping the other ones are less disappointing. Unless they inprove, I am going back to Teaza and just living with the dry mouth. Sorry, Pro Dip. Not even close.

  4. One more annoying thing, the writing on the back of the tin is so small you need a magnifying glass or a flashlight to read what it says if you aren’t in a bright lit room. They put way too much time & $$$$$$ into presentation, should’ve put more into the product itself. Just my .02 worth.

  5. My final verdict is this:

    Flavor – Tastes great, berry, watermelon, honey. The only flavor that was almost non-existant was the orange. Grade – B

    Longevity – Here’s the problem, the flavor lasts all of 10 mins then it is completely done for, the bags are as small as they can make them I assume. Not worth the effort. Grade – F

    I promise I am not a spokeperson for Teaza, but their product is so superior to this in all areas, price, flavor, & longevity, that it’s almost comical. Skip Pro Dip.

  6. I just tried the orange, the flavor was kind of weak even though I double up on the pouches. The flavor is mild at the most, no pop to it. Almost a waste of time, sucking on a nasty bags after 10 mins or so.

  7. I even popped a 2nd honey pouch in & it lasted about 5 mins longer, shrunk to nothing.

  8. Tried honey, same review as watermelon but only lasted 5 mins. Unacceptable for the price.

  9. Got my order today, trying a watermelon now. The flavor is fine, but like Dave said, the flavor vanishes after 10 mins or so. If this is the same for all of the pouch flavors, I’ll stand by my original statement, no one can touch Teaza for flavor & price. They last well over an hr, alot of time longer.

  10. I just ordered the multi pack, will give you a review soon. Thanks.

  11. Hard to touch Teaza in the pouch dept, I may give this a try. Seems pricey though. Teaza offers numerous ways to get a discount.

  12. Tried this product out. Had high hopes because I used pouches before quitting but for me they didn’t last long at all. Have great flavor (elite & ion were what I tried) but was left with a mostly empty pouch after 10-15 minutes. Also didn’t spit, mostly because it tastes good so i’m not sure most will get a good substitute for their old habit out of this.

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