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Thank You From Mcarmo44

Thank You1671 days ago I sat at this computer planning on quitting. I was planning because I had failed numerous times before and was (in my mind) delaying the next failure by researching ways to quit. I found KTC, opened an account and started to look around. I noticed a “LIVE CHAT” button (#shutdownchat) and clicked it. Instantly I was welcomed and questioned on whether I was quit or not. I was not at the time, but decided to dump my can and go for it. This place never ceases to amaze me. There were people from previous groups supporting me on roll, texting me, offering to help show me how to get where they were. There were people with 100s and 1000s of days quit showing me that this was possible if I just kept my word for 24hrs at a time. This place helped me gain control of an addiction I couldn’t get control of by myself, for that alone I am grateful. I also found an amazing group of people who will go out of there way to help others beyond just the common addiction that brought us all together.

28 days ago my world came to a crashing halt. My wife, at 42 years old, went into full cardiac arrest and stopped breathing. She was taken to a local emergency room and then transferred to larger hospital in Philadelphia. The first 48hrs were a blur and way closer to an unhappy ending then I want to think about. The reason I share this for all to read is to say thank you. From the first guys who got me through the ER and CVICU waiting rooms; to the countless prayers, calls and texts; to the numerous offers to get in a car or on a plane to come help in any way they can; to everything I don’t know about that went on behind the scenes; to the most recent surprise, a check for my family to spend some quality time together I can’t begin thank everyone enough. The out pouring of support has been so overwhelming I can’t put into words what it means to me. So I will do what we do here and try to pay it forward. I hope that if you are reading this and were part of the out pouring you will know how much it all means to me, and if you are new and reading this it will help show you that this community extends so much deeper than just a quit site. While I hope you never go through a situation that calls for this amount of support I hope you realize you are part of a very special group of people and stick around.

From Myself, my wife, and my family thank you all so very much.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member mcarmo44

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