THEEE…….. Goldenbulls HOF – Read the Title

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First off, the name. Goldenbulls, Goldenballs, sometimes just Golden in chat……… doesn’t mean anything! Nothing, zilch, nada. It was a fantasy team name my drunk 20 something self came up with. I’ve also got the same email address I had when the internet was invented (1989 in my case), and … Continue reading

Thoughts After 1,900 Days Free From Smokeless Tobacco

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As I sit here today on my 1,900th dip free day in a row I realize that I’ve not said much lately in terms of my quit.  I suppose that’s a good thing cause it means that I’m no longer obsessing about my daily battles with nicotine.  I no longer  … Continue reading

Thank You For a Great 2009!


As we move into 2010 it’s a great time to reflect on what we’ve accomplished in 2009.  We track success here at in a couple of different ways including traffic to the site, forums and blog.  I’m happy to say that the numbers are awesome which means we’re making … Continue reading