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The 100 – schaef418 HOF Speech

schaef418 avatar100 days….that is something that I am proud of and couldn’t have done without my supporters. I owe a lot to November 2014 and the supporters who post support for me EDD. I also owe a lot to the groups that I post support for (nearly) EDD: November 2008, April 2009, November 2009, June 2010, November 2010, December 2010, April 2011, May 2011, October 2011, November 2011, April 2012, September 2012, November 2012, November 2013, January 2014, April 2014, May 2014, June 2014, July 2014, August 2014, September 2014, October 2014, December 2014 and January 2015. These groups have strengthened my quit in some way or another and I owe them the support that they have given me. I am eternally grateful and will post with each group EDD for the foreseeable future.

I owe my entire quit to the vets on KTC. Without their support, without their reaching out and connecting with me, I would be another MIA in November 2014. Even though I have a bunch of badass quitters in my group, it was the vets that kept me here. Early on, I learned from vets like 30yrAddict and jost2brown from May 2011 and Lipizanner, Slug.go, rtpope, Doc Chewfree, twballgame9, Shorthorn, Krusty, Sapper, and rothstein57 from May 2014. I owe a lot to these guys getting me through the tough early days of my quit and teaching how to quit and how to keep others accountable.

The HOF, aka Hall of Fame, is a terrible name. In professional sports, the Hall of Fame is associated with a small percentage of the elite players of that sport. Here on KTC, on average 40% of a group’s members are “inducted” into the HOF. Not really a small percentage of elite quitters. Also, in sports, one usually isn’t inducted into the Hall of Fame until after they are retired, DONE with the sport. Here on KTC, the HOF is the starting line, the beginning of a journey with no end…only milestones to pass by. I compare the HOF to the probationary period when starting a new job. You’re evaluated by your peers, given a chance to quit the KTC way, and if you’re quality material and make it to the end of the probationary period, you can start your career (quit). The HOF, aka Hall of Fame, on KTC is a terrible name. When asked “Excited to hit that 100?” I responded “100 days is great…definitely a good start. For me though, not really a good milestone. 10 days was a milestone (a tough one too), 30 days, 60 days, 90 days…next milestone for me that I will be “excited” for will be 180 days. To me 100 days is just that 100 days. I get that KTC makes a big deal out of it, but for me…I guess I can treat it as a probationary period…similar to the first year at a new job. Perform well and you can start your career…” Although, from day 1 the quitter is warned that the HOF is not the goal, not the finish line, the associated connotation of “Hall of Fame” infers such. Am I famous for making the HOF? NO, thousands of quitters before me have successfully made it to the HOF. So what is the HOF to me? Day 100, that is all. It is the 100th day that I am quit and the next day will be day 101. No more no less. The HOF should be renamed to “The 100.”

So, here I am…I made it to “The 100.” Twenty years, plus or minus, I have been a slave to the nic bitch, making up excuses to keep that cat turd in my lip, and killing myself. I have just taken back 100 days of that 20 years. I sit here in the red, crawling my way back to the black, beside my brothers.

Quit today, EDD, with every single one of you.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member schaef418

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8 years ago

Congrats, Schaef, you are the man. I never knew you were a closet BC fan.

8 years ago

Schaef, nice speech. I’m damn proud to quit with you every day on the other side of the wall.

I have one question though, who is that team face planting behind that BC QB breaking free for what I can only assume is just one of a number of long TD runs that day?

8 years ago
Reply to  basshaug

Thanks BassHaug! The team in question is Virginia Tech. After beating Ohio State, Virginia Tech decided that the season was over and let teams like BC “run” all over them.

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