Words of Wisdom

The Flush


P-Q4 and 2can said “Go cold turkey Man, Flush it all!”,
So I loaded up twelve cans and went to the bathroom stall.

It took three flushes to get rid of It,
(Two more flushes than a typical shit:)

Now that was seven days ago and I’m still dip free,
I remember “The Flush” every time I go pee.

So F-U tobacco and Nicotine can kiss my ass,
I’m saving my teeth, gum’s and storing some cash.

I’ve been a bit grouchy during my quit,
So if you don’t like my poem you can suck my di*k.

I’m not sayin it’s been easy or fun not having a good pinch,
But at least for now and ever I won’t be Copenhagen’s bitch!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member RubiconOne

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