Smokeless Alternatives

The KillTheCan Pack From Grinds!

Are you looking to quit dipping? Have you made a New Year’s Resolution to quit? Many people find an alternative to traditional dip VERY helpful when they quit. This allows them to continue the ACT of dipping without the nicotine or tobacco. I’m super excited to announce the KillTheCan Pack from GRINDS!

KillTheCan Pack 2

For Kill The Can visitors only, get 20% OFF this variety six pack, including a special edition version of Wintergreen! Use code KTC20 at checkout!

KilltheCan Wintergreen Top

This SIX PACK includes one can of each of these flavors:

Double Shot Espresso: Bold, sharp espresso notes with a smooth tasting coffee profile. You’ve just found your new go to pick-me-up! 2x Caffeine!

New Orleans Style: A combination of strong black coffee, savory chicory root, and a light, sweet cream finish. 2x Caffeine!

Orange Citrus: The perfect burst of sweet orange flavor with a crush of long-lasting citrus zest! 2x Caffeine!

Peppermint: Tastes just like your favorite seasonal peppermint candy, with notes of coffee that provides a great year-round flavor.

Spearmint: A distinct Spearmint flavor that will give you an invigorating tingling sensation!

Wintergreen: This minty fresh flavor mixed with Grinds traditional coffee taste is a combination you won’t want to miss out on.

  • Classic flavors have  approximately 20-25mg of caffeine per pouch – that’s 4-5 cups of coffee per can!
  • 2x Caffeine flavors have approximately 50mg of caffeine per pouch – that’s 9-10 cups of coffee per can!
  • Each can comes with ~18 pouches
  • Each can weighs 18g each

KillTheCan Pack 1

Use code KTC20 in checkout to get 20% OFF this pack!

Click here to purchase!

Special thanks to the folks at Grinds for making this happen!

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