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Mini-Green Energy Pouches - Mixed Berry

Mini-Green Organic Energy Pouches have set up an awesome offer for members. They’ve hooked us up with an exclusive discount code to be used when purchasing Mini-Green products! When you check out, enter discount code “KillTheCan” and receive 10% off your order! Click Here To Order From Mini-Green! Related … Continue reading

Mini-Green Organic Energy Pouch Review

Mini-Green Energy Pouches

Back again this morning with another review of a new smokeless alternative product on the market – Mini-Green Organic Energy Pouches. Mini-Green pouches aren’t marketed specifically as a tobacco substitute (they’re going for more of the caffeine energy boost market) but you’ll soon see why many of their customers have … Continue reading

Mini-Green Organic Energy Pouches Ingredients

Mini-Green Energy Pouches - Package

Below is a list of ingredients in various Mini-Green Organic Energy Pouch products. If you have a list of ingredients for a product not listed here please contact us and we’ll get it added. All flavors are: USDA Certified Organic No Artificial Preservatives Zero Calories Non-GMO Verified Same amount of caffeine as … Continue reading

Hooch Snuff Key Lime Review

Hooch Snuff Key Lime - Feature

I was on the ball field this evening coaching my two older boys and I remembered that I had a couple of product reviews to do. I’m a big fan of getting things done “in the moment” because if I don’t I completely forget. So… here’s a review of the … Continue reading

Smokey Mountain Citrus – Herbal Snuff Review

Smokey Mountain Citrus

It’s been quite some time but I’m back tonight with another alternative review. Smokey Mountain Snuff – – is the fake dip that probably used more than any other during the early stages of my quit. When I first reviewed their product line way back in 2012 they had … Continue reading

KIKIT Update – Out of Business


Back in the day there was a smokeless alternative product called KIKIT. It was a non-tobacco smokeless alternative, made from dried coconut, salt and had flavors such as Wintergreen, Citrus and Hot. KIKIT was also one of the few edible alternative to chewing tobacco. I hate to say it, but as of now I believe … Continue reading

A Re-Review of Jake’s Mint Chew Kola

Jake's Mint Chew Kola

I recently wrote a review of the newest flavor from Jake’s Mint Chew called Kola.  I’ve received some feedback on that review that possibly my taste buds were off (which is entirely possible). So, I reached out to Jake’s and got a couple of additional cans for a re-review. In my … Continue reading

Jake’s Mint Chew Kola Review

Jake's Mint Chew Kola

As we announced previously there are some big new things going on with our friends at Jake’s Mint Chew.  They recently received their USDA Organic Certification and just recently they’ve released their newest flavor – Kola. I hadn’t heard anything about Kola except that it was coming so I wasn’t … Continue reading