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The Nic Bitch is a Lunatic

The Shining

I just have to bring up how important each of you are to the group as a whole.  We all have something in common as we’re all are fighting the same enemy.  Before we joined here, most of us have been trying to fight the same enemy by ourselves.  One on One combat… some win those fights, many lose.

Our addict has nothing to lose and fights without rules.  She is a lunatic, and they are very hard to fight.  You can’t anticipate what a lunatic’s next move will be.  You don’t expect the lunatic to fuck with your whole life while you’re just fighting her.  The lunacy can be infuriating, making us unbearable to live with.  Lunatics will fight all the way to their own demise with no regard of survival.

It’s hard to fight the addict one on one.  That’s why we’re here. Most everyone has already tried quitting on their own….several times.  As a TEAM we will out think the cunning bitch, we will NEVER rest as a group, we will AWLAYS be fighting.  The worst case scenario here is that we never lose.  Reminds me of what is probably a Chinese proverb: Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Cornholio

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