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TINMANCOLE – Nicotine Free

KTC Logo - OrangeHere i sit on day 115 nicotine free. Whats so funny about my story is I wasn’t even trying or thinking about Quitting. I had been a can a day guy for right at 27 years. Copenhagen Fine Cut was my poison of choice.

I really only had one other attempt at quitting ten years ago, but realized that i was substituting one habit for another. so I turned 40 this year and my kids are the absolute reason for everything that I do, My boy is 11 And my Daughter is 2. I involve them in everything that i do Whether its Hunting, Fishing, Baseball, Football all which i had to have the shit in my lip to do! So sitting on the couch 115 days ago, holding my little girl, something just came over me and I said I’m done. Oh if it were just that easy, so I scraped the last dip out of the can and put it in. Next day or two i fought through the triggers. on Day 3 I was at work and about to break down so I googled (something to help with Copenhagen cravings) and BOOM KTC was the first thing that popped up. So I started reading the stories and posts and decided to sign up.Day four I felt like a I was gonna die at a gas station after work but I hopped on the chat group and the support was unreal. So basically once the accountability thing kicked in it was all I needed to hold it straight. but I promise you this, I’m still ODAAT and probably always will be.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Tinmancole

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