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Todd’s Trek to Quit

talTrek avatarMy Stats: 48 years old, happily married 24 years, 3 amazing children (2 in college, one at home), great job (CPA working for a global manufacturer).

Sounds good right? Well there’s that nasty, disgusting addiction to Red Man Golden Blend that’s been controlling my life for about 10 years… that I’ve tried to keep hidden.

My wife has called me out several times and begged me to quit and I promised to do just that many times. Hell, I’ve promised myself I would quit hundreds of times.

I’ve promised to quit: at New Years, my birthday, starting with family vacation, our anniversary, at the end of the month, after hunting season, on Monday etc…..

How sad, I could not stop for the woman I love, the mother of my children, my best friend….. I could not stop for myself! (Think about it)

Well the shit hit the fan once again in September…this time I had no excuses, nothing to say to my wife…I was not in control and I finally realized it.

What the hell was I going to do… lose my wife, family and my life or figure out some way to conquer this addiction? So I Goggled and found KTC.

I was skeptical, no I was very skeptical… hell I don’t Facebook, blog, Skype, etc. and I’m going to join an online quit group? But what did I have to lose at this point; I was at the fork in the road…

I checked the site out, my wife checked the spouse section out (big help for both of us) and I posted day one the next day. Posting daily was good for the first few weeks, about 3 to 5 weeks in…. I was a bit turned off… a bunch of younger, vulgar, hard ass guys were going to help me quit?

So I talked to my wife and stuck it out a few more weeks, began to enjoy the site, looked forward to posting and more importantly to see the rest of the December Guard post daily… Thanks to all of you, you have no idea how powerful this is for me!

KTC provides many tools to help you quit, I am a “light” user, but that’s the beauty of KTC you use what you need to keep your quit intact. It is YOUR quit.

Well I made it to 100 days, the first milestone in this Trek to quit for good. This is a big accomplishment but just a small step in my journey, which I will take one day at a time. I feel that my entire life has changed for the better from work to my relationship with my wife, this is about taking back control of your life, not just quitting the Nic.

Thank You’s go out to: KTC (founders, moderators, all members), hfd22049 (Dan), TCope (Todd), all of December 2010 guard, Mattyc (Matt), Kern family, and my wife who was my biggest supporter.

If you want to quit and you can, here is my advice:

  1. Don’t start posting until you have made the DECISION to quit.
  2. If you need help with the Decision: take a good hard look at your life, explore the KTC site, and check out the link to the Kern Family story. Click the link at the end of the story and read the entire journal history, then visit the guest book and read Kenzie Kern’s entries to her Dad.
  3. If you are married, get your spouse or significant other involved early, show them the site and let them read. This was a tremendous help for my wife as she gained an understanding of this addiction.
  4. Use what you need from the KTC site, ignore any crap that turns you off and stick it out.
  5. Post Roll EVERY DAY! You have no idea how much this will help you and your quit group.

talTrek / Todd
Quit date 09/14/2010 – HOF 12/22/2010

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member talTrek

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