2013 HOF Speeches

KC_Guy’s HOF Speech – There Is a Life Without Dip

KTC ToolsHello quitters and future quitters. Here I am 105 days FREE. What a hell of a ride it’s been. I want to give a little background on how this all started.

I can remember it clearly. I was 20 years old. In college in my dorm hall. It was late at night, I was having a hard time concentrating and studying for a test. A guy down the hall from me says here take this. It was a pouch of Redman Golden Blend. He said this will help you stay awake and concentrate. It took me almost 16 years to realize what that guy told me was all BS. Poison free for 105 days. If I could only turn back time.

I told myself that I would quit after I graduated. Never happened. I said I would quit at 30 years old never happened. I told my wife I would quit when we got married. Here it is 2 years later. So yeah that didn’t happen. God bless her. She never got on me, never gave me any demands, just quietly said things to me once in a while. I love her so much. My point is if you are going to quit. You have to really WANT to quit. You can’t half ass a quit. It won’t work. You have to go all in.

May 20 2013 I am on my way to work and the check engine light comes on in my car. I thought great how much is this going to cost me? I don’t have a lot of extra money. So I take my car into the shop. The entire day I am at home waiting for a phone call from the shop. I’m chewing like crazy. Went through almost 2 cans. I get the call. Nothing was wrong with my car. The air filter was not put in properly during my oil change. So here my gums are hurting, my teeth are hurting from me chewing 2 cans for NO GOOD REASON. I realized how dumb it was to chew. How much money I waste chewing. How much chewing affects those around me. I quit that day May 20.

I want to say thank you to my brother Jason who told me about KTC. Thank you to my wife and step daughter. You girls are my rock. During my quit I lost my job on day 26. The brothers and sisters on this website helped me through that rough time in my life. Worktowin, Jayhawk, Erussell, Srans, Trauma, Derk, Jake all were instrumental in my quit. There are so many others on this site that have helped me out as well. Thank you all for your support.

Nicotine lies to you. It makes you believe that you can’t mow the grass without it. You can’t fish or watch a ball game without it. The lies go on and on. Well after 105 days I beg to differ. I have done all of those things without Nicotine. And guess what? My life is so much more enjoyable.

In closing, quitting is hard. You have to WANT to quit. If you are willing to go all in the brothers and sisters at KTC will help you every step of the way. Here we quit one day at a time. Worry about tomorrow when it comes. But for now focus on today. No longer am I slave to a tin can. I control my life. Not nicotine. I am damn proud to stay that. This is just the beginning. Let’s roll, one day at a time.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member KC_Guy

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10 years ago

Im on day 5 and its been tough, but im hanging in there. Im new to this site and even though i dont know how to use it all, I will get there. I am very inspired by all the stories

10 years ago

Thank you for sharing that. I really do want to quit and everyone in here knows its hard. I told myself I would quit over Labor Day and have had 2 dips this morning. I just threw my can away and gave myself the quit date immediately. These posts do really give me hope and I am looking forward to my hall of fame speech. LETS DO THIS STARTING NOW ONE DAY AT A TIME.

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