2013 HOF Speeches

Wozman HOF Speech

KTC Logo Blue NewMy 100 day mark has come and gone and now I get to write my HOF speech. I don’t have any special insight or magic formula as to how I got here. To be honest with you there are a few days in the beginning of my quit I really don’t even remember the fog was so thick. I don’t believe there is any magic formula other than you have to want to quit more than you want to dip. My final decision was made when I realized how dipping was controlling so much of my everyday life.

My wife and 3 boys urging me to quit played a big role in my ultimate decision to quit and for that I owe them a thank you. I also owe a thank you to KTC. For those starting on this journey, it may seem odd to post roll and be getting PM’s from others supporting your quit, but it all helps. In the beginning I had many rough days where a simple ‘hang in there’ from a fellow KTC member helped pull me thru the day.

Making it to the HOF was not an easy task and it makes me proud to be here. I will continue to post roll and hopefully help out a few KTC members just starting out on their quit.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member wozman

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