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Yes You Can – Moe Man HOF

Moe Man avatar100 days Quit – what does it mean to one guy from Cincinnati, Ohio (Not WhoDey)?

  • It means I can do it. I control my destiny. I am a better man for doing this.
  • It means I found the will power to stop a senseless 25 year addiction to smokeless tobacco.
  • It means I have saved almost $500 that can now be used to do something nice for my wife and kids.
  • It means my chances of cancer are now less and getting better every day.
  • It means no more worrying about if I have enough Cope to get through the day. I get my life back.
  • It means I get better sleep and more of it since I don’t stay up chewing all night.
  • It means I am a better example to my children to whom I preach do the right thing. Dad is now “doing the right thing”.
  • It means I am feeling better, sharper. Steak taste better. Wine taste better. My taste buds thank me.
  • It means a much cleaner car and garage. Not as much shop vac time.
  • It means my 3 year old has stopped spitting on the grass to be like his old man.


100 Days what it doesn’t mean

  • It doesn’t mean I am cured of my addiction
  • It doesn’t mean that I can now stop posting roll. I need this process to help my quit
  • It doesn’t mean I can now just take one dip on a boy’s weekend – I AM QUIT 4 LIFE.
  • It doesn’t mean I have outsmarted cancer – it just means my chances are better.
  • It doesn’t mean I won’t crave – I just have to deal with them the same ways I have learned to here.

My story is no different than the hundreds of stories on here. Started way too young, dipped far too long and felt bad every time I loaded my face with dip. I couldn’t wait till the next one after the next meal. Told myself I could quit for the longest time. Marriage, kids came along and I always failed. Well folks that is the definition of an addict. I don’t want to live like one anymore so I am closing the door.

I was not the loudest guy or the quietest guy on KTC but as all of us did, I found myself engrossed in reading all the information on this site. This site saved my quit many times. I will not fall too far away from it. It is my lifeline.

For all those considering quitting, this is the best decision I ever made in my life. I feel free from the chains of Copenhagen. My health is better, my world is brighter, my relationships are better without Copenhagen (after the fog that is). I am thankful for all the help and support on the KTC site. Better men than me have caved without the type of support on this site. I plan on sticking around a few years.

Thanks to all my April FOQer quit brothers and sisters. I appreciated your support and it meant a lot to me that a bunch of strangers can be so accountable to one another. I loved all our verbal battles in our quit group. There certainly is a lot of humor and wit in this group. It made for easy reading and posting. I am convinced that without everyone involved and holding each other accountable it would be easy to cave. We go from young to old in this quit group which should tell anyone that you are never too young or old to quit a nasty habit. Shout out to NKT for looking after me.

Special thanks go to my favorite fucker BAMfer Class of August 2008 Jason Williams (Smokey G comes in a close second though from this group) for kicking my ass and getting me to quit. As I was shoving my face full of dip, he told me I needed this site and he was 100% dead right. I hope we are both quit for many, many years my friend.

If you think you can’t quit, you are dead wrong. You will see it a million times on this site. If I can do it, you can do it. It is 100% true. Pick your date, Throw away your cancer causing crap and KILL THE CAN.

Don’t get discouraged, don’t be afraid, You can make it through another day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FR7fLk1kyKM

Now I go on living life on my terms.

Peace Out,
Joe – Moe Man

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Moe Man

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