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Major League Coffee DipChewie says…

I’m a big fan of a cup of coffee so this one is right up my alley. Opening the solid tin (I really appreciate this as opposed to a plastic can) you get an immediate coffee smell wafting from the tin. However, this really is NOT a substitute to dip or snuff. It’s definitely more of a snus alternative when you first open the can (though it “changes” once you pop it in… more on the later). If you’re looking for something you can “pack” you’re going to be severely let down as with so much honey holding the product together it’s not necessary (or possible for the matter) – Read full review

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7 years ago

Love the taste, but the deal killer for me is the price and it only lasts 10 minutes or
so. I doubt I’ll be buying anymore.

7 years ago

Got a can in the mail from Amazon today. The size of the can is pretty small, but packed pretty good with product. I read other reviews, warmed the can up some and popped in a rub. The flavor is 10 out of 10, it pops. Ran into a problem rather quickly. As I worked it I could literally feel it disintegrating. In less than 20 minutes it was gone, completely gone. Gonna pop one in later and maybe try not working ot as much. But the flavor is awesome if you like coffee. Jury still out, I need something that last more than 15 to 20 minutes. Will check back. Best flavor of any fake dip IMHO.

8 years ago

hey guys I’ve been quit for 23 days now and I’ve tried the hooch baccoff and recently stumbled upon this little gem major league coffee dip. First let me say I’m not a big coffee drinker at all however I’m totally addicted to this stuff. the flavor is great and the way it packs in my mouth very good. i will say its not at all like regular chew being how thick of a consistency MLD is but that aside everything about this product is great I’m hooked. when i get a craving for a pinch i don’t even think ab the BO or Hooch its straight do the Major league Dip this is a must try for quitters and or coffee lovers

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