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Your Quit At KillTheCanQuitting chewing tobacco can be a scary thing. You never know how your body is going to handle losing the nicotine that it’s become so used to receiving on a regular basis. Once you quit, you WILL begin see changes — some people have terrible withdrawal symptoms and others don’t have so many problems. This section of the site is here to inform you on what you MAY encounter early in your quit.

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  1. Day three no chew still a bit anxious but it comes and goes. Hoping it will start to reduce.

  2. A co-worker of mine pointed out this direction and he has been helping me tackle this addiction I’ve been dipping for about 8 years and now I’m 96 hours tobacco free and my wife gets happier and happier with each day! I’m gonna keep pushing through this!

  3. Day one of my quit!! 15 years of chewing.

  4. I hit 100 days yesterday. I never thought I would make it this far. Thank you to everyone on this board, you are all very inspirational.

  5. Main thing I’m worried abt when quitting is me being aggressive towards my co workers or family.and thinking abt that I’m scared to quit and I need help.cause I wanna quit but I’m scared of my aggression

  6. day 10 been a tough day but i remain quit and nic free for me my health my damn money 43 years of copenhagen probably 100,000 dollars ill never get back no more no gum no fake shit just gonna power through it

  7. Alan, are you a part of the KTC forum? If not, I would suggest to get on there, find some people going through it all with you and just find someone who can hold you accountable and that you can hold accountable as well. In the mean time though, drink lots of water, excercise, chew gum, chew on straws, do whatever it takes.

    Quit on Man! Quit on!

  8. Day 7 of my quit 43 years of copenhagen probably could have paid cash for a house if i had all the money i wasted is anyone else have the feeling the face is draining the fog is crazy i feel lost will take any helpful advise guys im 57 i hope i have the strength for this im going to use my first grandchild as my motivation and the Love of a wonderful woman

  9. First day of my quit today. I ordered 6 cans of Hooch wintergreen that should arrive in 3 to 5 days. I’m feeling thankful that a site like this even exists.

  10. Just registered. I picked up a can of smokey mountain today and I want to know exactly how safe this stuff is. I know it is tobacco and nicotine free however I just want to make sure I’m not just doing a “safer” chew… but a 100% completely safe, no matter how much I do it I’m not causing any more damage than I’ve already done.

  11. today is my very first day with no dip ,its day one for me and whew ,,this is no fun i feel like yelling ,,at everyone and im not going to do that ,, does this get better .

    • Are you still off of it and how long til it got better. Im just starting my first day and the routine of one first thing in the morning being broken already has me wanting to hurt someone. I think ive been told about 36 days til the cravings go away… Which will make for one long month.

  12. Cory
    Hang in there, you have 7 days under your belt. Keep the fight going, it’s part of quitting, it’s very hard, but don’t give up. I know that you are fighting, in my opinion the hardest part of the quit right where you are at. It sucks! But, you are already too far into the fight to quit!

    Post here and keep us updated on your quit…
    Day 164

  13. today has sucked….im currently completing day 7 and I hate everyone. I have a major attitude and anxiety problem going on today…its so random….some days I feel like im getting out of it and days like today make it feel like its only begun. I hate feeling like this and not being able to put up my family. I cant breathe and everything is miserable. hopefully tomorrow is way better.

  14. Well, if I use nicotine gum to wean myself off I guess I’m not really nicotine free but I am on day 4 of being tobbacco free…does that count or is my official quit day not really started until I do 72 hrs with no nicotine of any kind? I know the gum prolongs the dependency on nicotine but it seems to help me from giving in to the urge. Day 4 has been super foggy for me and i’ve had just two pieces of the gum

  15. Day 3….hopefully the last of the hardest days??

    • Hey Brendan – I can’t say your tough days are done, but day 3 is typically one of the worst. It takes 72 hours (3 days) for nicotine to work its way out of your body. So as of right now… you’re officially nicotine free. Congrats!!!

    • Not going to lie day 3 sucked ass, day 4 is better tomorrow will tell me how day 5 is

  16. I’ve almost caved a couple times today…been chewing nicorette all day so not completely nicotine free but better than picking up the can again…waiting for the fake dip to come in the mail (can’t come soon enough). what scares me is that people who have quit for months still get the urge once in a while or even still everyday for some folks

  17. How is day 2 going? I’m doing a little rough but so far not to shabby.

  18. I’m starting Day 1 today as well…I’ve tried before though so I know it will not be easy. Good to have folks to share in the struggle of ditching the dip. So far its been hours of reading on this site that has gotten me through part of day

  19. Day 1! Lets kick this shit, so far not to shabby but its only 6:45 am.

  20. Aaron, I am about to start day 1. I feel ya. This is a long battle that we are entering. I am sick of lying to my wife. I want to be here for my son. I am tired of dying inside.

  21. Day 2. I am going to make this stick because I really want to be done. Never knew how hard it would be, but reading up on what I was in for on this site has hit home. I do feel pretty crappy, have had a sore throat, headaches, etc already, but I am looking forward to stopping the lie to my wife, the waste of cash, and the can a day I have been sneaking for over 10 years. My newborn needs me around.

  22. Day 1 of my QUIT! 22 years of chewing with a year quit about 15 years ago. Good to have this community to help with what I know will be the hard parts.

  23. A big thank you to Jake’s Mint Chew. I’m on day 9 and his non Tobacco non nicotine organic chew helps a lot.

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