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Smokey Mountain in conjunction with Smokey Mountain Snuff is proud to offer KTC members an exclusive discount when purchasing Smokey Mount Snuff products! users will receive 10% OFF THEIR ENTIRE ORDER (excluding samples & shipping).

Smokey Mountain comes in 8 great flavors plus 2 flavors of pouches.  Check out our reviews here.

And the best part?  It’s EASY.  No promo code, no coupon… simply click below and you’ll get your discount.  Huge thanks to Smokey Mountain Snuff for a great product and a great offer!

Click Here To Order From Smokey Mountain Snuff


  1. I used the code nascar10 posted on a coupon site 10 months ago just today and was still working for 10% off. 🙂

  2. Roonaa quit 72 days ago.
    Mixed even amount of mint snuff from Oregan Mint Snuff Company (Wintergreen or Mint works) with SMC grape and it tasts exactly like kodiak.

  3. Check your local smoke shops and Wal-Mart. If you order on this site, with discount and shipping charge, you will pay $3.40 a can. I buy it from a Smokers Express down the street from my house for $2.50 a can.

  4. it worked for us but you have to click on the link here on this page…
    Click Here To Order From Smokey Mountain Snuff
    the promo code did not work….

  5. Just letting you know… I called and spoke with SMC, they told me I had to place the order before it gave me the discount. I did so on a very large order, and NO. It gave me NO discount.

    Spoke with them on the phone and they have no answers for it. I am not too happy with them right now :/

  6. Just spoke with Smokey Mountain since the discount doesn’t work. They said it’s not a promotion that they’re doing, that it’s strictly through Kill the Can. They are unable to apply the discount and said I needed to contact Kill the Can to get the promotion. Disappointing.

  7. Contacted Smokey Mountain and they said the offer is not through them, it’s through Kill the Can and that Kill the Can has to handle this issue not Smokey Mountain.

  8. Message with KILLCAN10 promo code

    I’m sorry, that promo code was not found

    It’s only 2.80 but some may find this discouraging…


    1. Chris – heard back from the guys at SMC…

      There is an actual offer code that gets applied but it gets added automatically. When the SMC site sees the code it checks if the user came from the KillTheCan site and if so it stores an offer code in their session. When they get to the offer code page it is already filled in. If a user tries to manually enter the offer code without coming from KillTheCan it will not work, they have to have come from KillTheCan to use the offer code (and if they did they shouldn’t have to enter it).

      Hope that clears things up!

        1. Scott – I don’t think so. I’ve not heard of any issues with their coupon code recently. Please contact Smokey Mountain directly at 1-800-762-2439. Let me know if they’re not able to help you.

      1. Used the direct link from website, the promo code was automatically entered like you state; however, still getting the “’m sorry, that promo code was not found” is still coming up.

  9. Just ordered from Smokey Mountain using your provided link and didn’t receive the discount either. I am not terribly concerned since I only ordered one ten pack for my husband to try, but if it helps I will want to order more. This is definitely something that needs to be corrected

    1. Ward – sorry about that. You’re the first one that I’ve heard of that’s had issues. Please contact Smokey Mountain directly at 1-800-762-2439. Let me know if they’re not able to help you.

      1. Hey. I am having the same issue as well. I waited on hold for about 30 min to talk to someone at the number you provided and he couldn’t help me either. It’s a good product but it looks like they are going to give a discount anymore so I would recommend taking that part down.

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