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100 and Counting

KTC Logo SepiaOn the evening of December 14 2010 I took the last chew of Copenhagen from my can and new I had to get a new can the next morning. I woke up late and could not stop at the usual gas station and went to work with out my chew. The station near my work cost 2 dollars more per can ( I am from very rural area only have one station in town). I was not going to let them ripe me off for the 2 dollars. That was how my quit started that day. After making it through the day I thought I can make it through the night. The next morning after not sleeping much I was craving bad. I thought I would try the fake if not I would buy a can. Well next thing you know I am on the KTC site and signing up. Then everything was perfect in the world. Not really it was bad, but something about posting role and promising to a bunch of guys and girls I did not know seemed to work. I could not break my promise. No matter how much that nicotine whispered in my ear that they would not know I could not break my promise. If you are new and reading this, posting role really works so do it everyday. Also use any motivation you can find to quit. I have read many people want to quit for there family, kids, health. For me none of that was a motivation. For me these were not a factor it was a stinking 2 dollars that motivated me. Ultimately it has to be for you. So what ever your reason use it and stay quit. Hope this makes some kind of sense to someone and helps.

I could not have made it without this site. The words of encouragement from the March group like ncgolfer, jcook, runwhatucan. Waiting to read what bradleyguy posted always insightful and usually funny. Everyone of you in March helped me whether you know it or not. The oldtimers like tcope, ready, nolaq, AN, greg and many others to many to list. A big thanks to mule21 who somehow knew exactly when things were going bad and would send me a message that kept me going. Still on his porch enjoying the view.

I am proud to be in the HOF and proud to be quit with all of you.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member sapperred1

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