Two Types of Quitters at KillTheCan

Two Kinds of Quitters

I posted day 352 today so I have been here long enough to see that are 2 types of people on KTC; those that get it and those that don’t. The ones that get it post their promise first thing in the morning before they start their day. They exchange … Continue reading

Newbie Questions at

KTC Questions and Answers

We all arrive at looking to quit dipping. One of our greatest assets is our community members. The more we grow the more people we have to answer those tough questions about quitting. Video Transcription You know, we all came to this site as newbies. Now that we’re veterans, … Continue reading

You Don’t Need Details – You Know The Story

We Know

Recently on the forums, a member showed up looking for help.  As is normal, several fellow members jumped to his aid offering help, suggestions, etc. Someone asked for some additional details when offering their help: “Details brother and or sister. I’d love to help, but know nothing about you.” And … Continue reading