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Ncgolfer’s HoF Speech

KTC Logo Old PhotoSo I sat in my recliner on the evening of December 16th 2010 doing the usual routine. Big dip in, surfing the internet. I heard a commercial on the radio for Smokey Mountain Snuff, Randy White, the old Cowboy talking about how it works for him. He was one of the original Skoal guys wasn’t he? Anyway I’m looking for reviews on the Smokey Mountain stuff and find the reviews on a site called Kill the Can. As I’m reading through the site and learning about all of the quit going on I then and there decided to quit. I hadn’t even registered yet, so no one was encouraging me to dump the can or anything. I just decided I’ve had enough and dumped what was left of my can that night and posted Day 1 the next morning.

My story is no different than the thousands of quitters on KTC. I began dipping when I was around 16. I was playing ball with a group of buddies and gave it a try. What a rush…I didn’t know how that small little rush 27 years ago would rule my life throughout my adult years. I ended up a can a day addict very quickly. Unlike many of the quitters here at KTC, I never hid my addiction. I would use freely in front of Family, Friends, Children, CoWorkers, Girlfriends, Potential Girlfriends, and even my Hygienist Wife. What an Idiot I was! Over the last few months I have now come to realize how selfish I was. I actually told my wife to never ask my to quit! When I quit, it would be for me, and me only! I realize I was correct in quitting only for myself, but how selfish is it to ask your family that loves you not to want for you to be healthier and to quit such an unhealthy addiction. I would sit through work meetings devising ways to put one in during the meeting and mastered the art of spitting into the closed lid of a Starbuck’s Coffee cup. I did this all in the name of the most horrible addiction I have ever known.

I would not have made it this far without the encouragement of My March Quit group, scowick, Lunk, KMS, grimace, Bradleyguy, plus Vets like NOLAQ, Pista, Radman, Hockeygoon, Big J, TCope, AN, and all of the rest of the great quitters here.

So, I quit for ME, I quit for My Wife, I quit for my Daughter Maggie (who really knows that her encouragement pushed me off the ledge), I quit for my boys, Jack and Colin, and now, I quit for everyone on KTC. I made my promise today! Did you? I will be here tomorrow to make my promise! Will you?

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member ncgolfer

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