2013 HOF Speeches

100 Days…… +1 HOF Speech

KTC Divine Quit ProtectionI started chewing the summer after my senior year in High School. My buddies and I were on a road trip to celebrate our graduation, and it was here I had my very first chew.

From there, I never hid the habit. I chewed every time I got a chance. Even after my Dad, Mom, and Sister were all diagnosed with cancer, I kept throw in turds in my lip. My father, diagnosed in ’07, Sister and mother diagnosed in ’10, I felt I needed the chew to help me cope! I chewed through college. I would get done playing a ball game, go to the locker room, change, and throw a chew in before I left. I would chew walking to class, chew watching TV, there was not a “Bad” time to chew. I averaged a can and a half a day since 2006.

My first attempted quit was in September of 2012. I had yet to hear of KTC and was trying to go cold turkey, by myself. Soon after, cancer took my sister, and from there, my quit was dead. On Feb 13, 2013. my mother looked me in the eyes, and asked me to quit chewing. Not just for me, but for her and my Dad. I’ll never forget her words, “You don’t really need to be tempting fate, do you?” They hit home…. I was going to quit, and I had to do some serious planning if I was going to succeed.

That morning while at work, I stumbled across a website called Killthecan.org. I clicked, checked it out, and than visited the forum. I saw how much everyone had each other’s back, and that they had a quality accountability system in place for guys like me, trying to kick the bitch for the last time. I knew I couldn’t do this on my own, so I thought I’d give the site a shot. I signed up, asked questions, and found out that I was a MAYSTER OF THE UNIVERSE. I dove headfirst into the program and bought in immediately. With the help of KTC, many quit Brothers and sisters, the support from my Family, and the memory my sister, have all contributed to this 100 days free.

The sky is the limit on this Quit. The +1’s add up. I thank each and everyone of you who have helped me reach this milestone. My Quality of life has greatly improved, no more spitters lying around the house or truck, more money in my wallet, and the pride I feel when I look in the mirror everyday, knowing I made the CHOICE To quit! Again, thank you all!

Respectfully and Humbly,

Jason Hawthorne

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member jhawth25

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