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I’ve said it before and I’ll continue to say it every time I’m asked… Quitting smokeless tobacco is most likely the most difficult thing you’ll ever do in your life.  It will affect you in ways you can’t imagine.  It will force you to re-learn to most everything you’ve learned in your adult life.  It will affect your family, friends and co-workers.

The life of someone quitting dip is a difficult one.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you or is trying to sell you something.  However, through that hardship will come a sense of pride and accomplishment like no other.  Make no mistake… all the pain, suffering, sleepless nights, craving, and irritability are 100% worth it when you’ve attained your goal: Freedom from your addiction.

Nothing will make the quitting journey “easy”.  But the support of family and friends (and folks who know what you’re going through like the people at 🙂) can make it “easier”.  I wanted to take the opportunity to share a post from Facebook today.  Forum member Brian hit the Hall of Fame today.  Here’s a message this morning from his fiance Stacy:

100 days ago Brian made a very important decision about quitting nicotine after using chewing tobacco for over 16 years. I don’t even know if at the time I fully understood exactly what a HUGE step it was. I’ve never been addicted to anything like that, so I never understood 1.) how hard it is to just up & break the addiction 2.) how much it potentially saved his life. I knew it was “better” for him but until I actually read the articles, watched videos, saw pictures & read stories of families (that within a short time span went through gruesome surgeries and/or lost loved ones) did I FULLY understand what an important & life altering choice Brian has made. At the beginning I told him “do this for you, but I support you either way”, I can say now, thank you Brian. Thank you for choosing a better life for our family. Better life of health, finances & being a positive role model for the kids. I also didn’t fully grasp how evil a nicotine addiction really is. I was naive, I thought I was “addicted” to sugar & caffeine & knew I had given it up in the past & figured it would be about the same. WOW…. Was I wrong. It was tough. REALLY tough. There were days where I could see it tearing him apart, controlling his every thought & action & with very little I could do to help. It’s tough & he’s tough. He did one of the hardest things to do & he’s winning. Brian, you’ve not only given up nicotine, but proven to yourself that you are capable of ANYTHING you put your mind to! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this journey. You’re an inspiration to me & you’ve taught me many lessons along the way. To say that I’m am SO proud of you is an understatement that mere words can not express. You mean everything to me & I love you with all of my heart! Congratulations on the 100 days lover! Xoxo

Below are some photos that Stacy posted along with her note:

You can’t buy support like this.

BrianYou’re a lucky man to have Stacy by your side on your journey.  Congratulations on your first 100 days of freedom from tobacco.  Kick back your feet and celebrate today… you’ve earned it.  

StacyThank you for supporting Brian on his journey.  Congrats to you too!  While your trials and tribulations during the last 100 days have certainly been different than Brian’s you definitely have been fighting this fight. 

Brian’s been keeping a daily(ish) blog of his first 100 days of freedom.  Check it out at

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