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Two Weeks

There is a strange unexplained phenomenon that occurs around the 14 day mark of your quit. You seem to be cruising along, each day getting better and better since day 5. BAM, out of the blue you wake up two weeks into your quit and you feel like you are smack dab back in the middle of day two again.

Withdrawals – shakes – headache – sweats – killer craves – WTF!!!

This does not happen to everyone but it is a very common occurrence. On a day you should be celebrating a huge milestone, you are grabbing your chair holding on to your life (and quit) by a thread. The Nic-Bitch has been laying low for several days, planning her sneak attack. Day 13, you were thinking that tomorrow you will be quit for 2 whole weeks, longer than you have in _____ years. Man what a stud I am! The guard drops down for just one day and that’s when the bitch makes her last desperate attack. “Why am I doing this?” “Hell I made it 2 weeks I deserve just one”. “This is bullshit you can’t quit forever so give up now”. “If this crap going to keep happening it’s just not worth it.”

As you did on day 2 – you need to fight through it. The Bitch is just lying to you! As bad as day 14 (or so) was, the next day tends to be the best day yet. What an extreme difference a day can make. One day you are in pure hell and wanting to kill someone, and then the next day the world is a beautiful place. You are at peace, you are proud and you are QUIT.

We don’t really know what causes this phenomenon, but it is real and it is painful. We have already learned that craves can not kill you. Do you have a cave/crave plan? What phone numbers do you have? Have you printed out the Contract to Give Up? Plan in advance for the 2 week weakness and if never happens to you, great! If it does hit you, you will be prepared for it. NEVER, EVER LET YOUR GUARD DOWN!!!

Congratulations, you made it 15 days.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member FranPro

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10 months ago

Today am on 15th day after I quit. Yes, fully agree that cravings are back with full vengeance but holding it so far.

3 years ago

22 days lets go

Mike T
Mike T
5 years ago

Girlfriend pregnant and I just hit week two. I feel like I could chew an entire tin right now. The struggle is real!

6 years ago

Lots of quit fails after a few hours to a few years in the last 19 years. Most recent has been a 9 day quit and a 5 month quit. However, I’m on week two… Day 14… of What I pray is final final quit. I’ve recently found this website. I think this is a amazing support system. Hilariously told milestones and reasons to quit from people walking in my shoes proving it’s possible. Kudos

7 years ago

I’m at day 14… thanks for the heads up and it is real! I almost caved last night!

8 years ago

Lovely work guys… this website n community is amazing. I’ve quit before 21 days. Lots of support from u guys. Life is lovely without nic.
Just thought appreciation for hard work for setting up such forum is must.

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